Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Baby Got Back" Should Be the Official Hump Day Anthem, Right?


When this student turned to Yahoo! Answers to help him blow off a school reading assignment, there's no way he expected a reprimand from the author of the book he was avoiding.  This was one of the rare instances where Yahoo! Answers was actually useful.  (MSNBC)

Would you consider sleeping in a separate bed from your partner if it meant you'd get a better night's sleep?  Me, I'm a cuddler, but I bet my husband would love a bed of his own.  It's difficult to sleep when your partner tosses and turns all night!  I pity those who have to deal with snorers, too.  (Salon)

We love DIY home remedies here at Hot Ink.  Here's a list of 20 tricks you can try yourself with everyday items - I'm going to have to file that baking soda/splinter trick away for later!  (Buzzfeed)

You know that cliche about actors playing the "role they were born to play"?  Well, I'm pretty sure Helena Bonham Carter really WAS born to play Miss Havisham.  Brilliant casting (from what little is shown in the trailer, anyway).  (Pajiba)

Have you heard of Dans Le Noir, a restaurant in which you eat in total darkness?  It's supposed to be an amazing sensory experience, but if you're not a fan of total crushing darkness it just sounds like a recipe for a panic attack.  Two writers from Eater recap their dinner in this hilarious review.  (Eater)

If you purchase sliced apples at the grocery store or at a fast food restaurant, you might want to check the manufacturer and sell-by dates.  There's a massive recall of prepackaged slices due to the possibility of listeria contamination.  (NPR)

Do you have a Sriracha problem?   Is your problem, there is never enough Sriracha?  (The Oatmeal)

Wow, total nightmare moment here for parents - a 10 year old girl flying alone on United Airways was "lost" when no one from the airline arrived to help her catch her connecting flight.  To make matters worse, the airline wouldn't help her parents track her down!  (BoingBoing)

You can make your own colorful sand sculptures on this interactive site.  It's surprisingly addictive and an excellent time killer.  (This Is Sand)

Bill Hader totally deserved his Emmy nod - he's one of the best things about SNL these days.  In this interview with Entertainment Weekly, he opens up about his love for Downton Abbey, why he's not on Twitter, and who he wanted to see receive an Emmy nomination.   (EW)

While watching this massive supercut of clips from 295 movies singing "Baby Got Back," I both admired the editor and wondered how long it took to compile the whole thing.  295 movies!  That takes some serious dedication.


  1. Fun story of my own like the airline one above. When I was...I think 9 (?) I flew alone to visit my grandmother and some relatives. This required a transfer at Charlotte on my way home. I was brought to the little room where they keep UMs, and I was happily playing with some other kids. I looked at the clock and asked if I should be leaving for my flight (my parents made sure I memorized all my flight info). They told me no, that I didn't need to leave yet. So I assumed something was delaying the plane or something - I was precocious enough to make up reasons in my head, but too young to question authority. So I asked to call my parents, so I could tell them the plane wasn't leaving when I thought. Well, it turned out, US Air had chosen to bump me off my flight in favor of another customer. This, in case you are unaware, is incredibly illegal. This was in the days pre-"blast everything on the internet till we get a resolution" but my parents are the best kind of piss and vinegar fighters. So in order to keep us from filing suit, we were offered round trip airfare to anywhere they flew, for our whole family. Their farthest destination? San Francisco. Our next family trip? San Francisco - my parents thought it was easier to take the offer than to put us all through court (and affording legal counsel was a difficulty).

    This shit, sadly, is not all that uncommon. I just hope the kid was ok, like I was.

    1. Wow! Thank goodness you called your parents and they fought back. It's rather frightening that this type of situation isn't uncommon.