Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weird Anime is weird and other fun discoveries you already knew


I know that the semi-pornification of classic literature is tacky. However, in the words of Patton Oswalt, part of me is just glad that people still like books. Still…weird (Jezebel)

These anime screenshots made me laugh harder then I though humanly possible. NSFW, but then you knew that, they’re anime (Buzzfeed)

Very funny, also stingingly accurate: humans vs mountains (The Onion)

An interesting look at comments vs trolls on the internet and how both affect those in the public eye (Jane)

Christopher Nolan’s passionate defense of 2D movies versus the seemingly inescapable push for everything being 3D makes my little nerd hard go all aflutter, Especially because 3D mostly just makes my eyes hurt (Salon)

Speaking of my nerd heart, and… other parts here is footage of the delightful Andrew Garfield and Nathan Fillion crashing panels at previous Comic Cons (Crushable)

I’m often at odds with John McCain politically, but DAMN, this defense of Huma Abedin makes the man sound like Lincoln. McCain, sometimes you’re wonderful (Yahoo)

I hate to tell you rich dude, you were never going to look anything but kind of weasely and pathetic trying to get a part of your ex-wife’s $1 million shoe collection. In other news, I’m going to eat beans out of a can today and wonder how its possible to spend that much on shows (NYPost)

Kid tells story. Joss Whedon, Kate Micucci and DAVE FOLEY act out story. I die of amazingness. (G4)

If you’ll excuse me, I’m goin to go move to the town with the cat mayor. Yes, I know the whole thing is mostly a joke, but I’m from a place (Toronto) where our mayor is a national laughing stock, so it seems like an improvement. Oooo, political. Also, look at the cat’s cute widdle face (Globe and Mail)

I love clever street art, and this may be the best I’ve ever seen (The Creators Project)
This is such a fascinating look at how the limits on our senses cause us to judge our world. Whoa, guys, we’re all totally not really experiencing life…also my hands are huuuuge. Do anyone else’s hands look huge. But seriously, this is a really neat read (io9)

We all know NPH can basically do no wrong. However, he's proved once again that he's the best awards show host in the business. Also, I'm a little weirded out how much Book of Mormon has made me fond of men in short-sleeved dress shirts

I never thought I'd find a bat adorable, but, well, this lil guy is. What's next, me wanting to snuggle with snakes (Oh God I hope not)

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