Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tom and Katie Settle, Nation Responds With a Loud "Damn It!"


So much for all the juicy revelations we were hoping for - Tom and Katie have reached a divorce settlement. Still, a quick settlement won't stop the flow of crazy Scientology stories, will it?  (Dlisted)

Stories like this - one woman's brave escape from a religion that took over her life and tore her family apart.  (Daily Beast)

Speaking of brave women, this right here is why I'm excited for the upcoming season of "The Walking Dead."  Woo!  (io9)

This might be the most difficult decision you have to make all day.  (BBC America)

If you've been eating fat-free salad dressing, it's not just fat that's missing from your diet.  (The Atlantic)

This is not the best way to impress a job recruiter... unless they're huge Nic Cage fans.  (Uproxx)

This recent study found that children raised with pets less likely to get sick than those in pet-free households.  Looks like having an "overly sanitized" house is not as beneficial for your kids as you might think!  (Time)

On the ever-growing list of "places I want to visit," I now add this restaurant in China that is fully staffed by robots.  They even have serenading robots!  (Geeks Are Sexy)

Not content with simply being a tv/movie/music album sensation, "Glee" looks to conquer the world of comic books next with an interesting crossover.  (NY Times)

Here's a yummy twist on your standard lemonade recipe - add some watermelon!  (Shine

I'm feeling rock'n'rollish today.  So here's Garbage with "Blood for Poppies."

And the Black Keys performing "Little Black Submarine" live on BBC Radio 1.

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