Monday, July 9, 2012

Somehow, We Went From "Summer" to "Living on the Sun"


Swimming in public pools can be a little iffy sometimes (damn kids peeing everywhere!), but what else can you do when the country is frying in record temperatures?  (NPR)

No "Ernest Goes to Camp" on a list of the best summer camp movies?  This list is invalid, even though they did include "Camp Nowhere."  (Daily Beast)

"Hellboy" creator Mike Mignola and actor Ron Perlman recently made a very ill little boy's dreams come true.  D'awww, what a cute little Hellboy he made!  (The Mary Sue)

I want to make several of these awesome DIY bookshelves.  I think I'm going to need more books!  (Buzzfeed)

Barney Frank, the quick-witted Representative from MA, just became the first member of Congress to legally wed his partner in a same-sex marriage.  Congratulations to the happy couple!  (NY Times)

Speaking of happy couples, how adorable are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?  Super adorable - lame, posed article photos notwithstanding - why didn't they just use photos of them from their press tour?  (USA Today)

Have you seen that fake Richmond weather forecast that's making the rounds lately?  Here's the story behind it.  No, that meteorologist wasn't tripping when he made all those predictions!  (Times-Dispatch)

Is having long hair detrimental to a woman's career?  Are shorter hair styles more "professional?"  Here's a question of my own - why is there a correlation between short hair and seriousness - as if the length of your hair determines how dedicated and professional you are?  (Grindstone)

Ooh, nerdy stained glass!  I must have a stained glass Yoshi!  (Nerd Glass - via BoingBoing)

I do not remember this episode of "Bill Nye the Science Guy"  whatsoever.  And with sex as the topic, you'd think I'd remember this clip.  (College Candy)

This has to be one of the strangest news segments I've ever seen.  Somehow, this reporter maintains her professional cool while a stray cat climbs up her back.

I am definitely trying some of these next time I go out - here's "Nine Bar Bets You Can't Lose."

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