Thursday, July 26, 2012

Science Can Be Terrifying....


Well, its Thursday and I've been stuck inside all week with the cold from hell.  What does that mean? It means I've used the internet to discover a few wonderful things. Oh, and several that fill me with fear.  So, um, I came out even?

Apparently there was a long-standing debate about how fleas jumped 200 TIMES THEIR OWN HEIGHT....ahhhhhhhhhh! Sorry, um, so that's been discovered. As for me, I've coined a new term to describe this field of study:
 fascinaterrifying (Science Dump)

And now on to something horrifying in a different way: earworm Disney lyrics.  Want to know exactly where those lyrics stuck in your head for three days are actually from? This quiz has got you covered.  Oh, also maybe do a bit of a humble brag in front of Disney nerds if you get a higher score then them (ChaCha)

Love nature, but hate the outside?  I've got the answer for you (Explore)  

Nice try Chick-fil-A, turns out you're not the only one that can use the internet (ABL)

I don't know about you guys, but household tips are kind of my favorite thing.  It's like being kitchen MacGyver KITCHEN MACGYVER! (Buzzfeed)

Speaking of household tips, this goes beyond simple tip to brilliant victory.  (Failblog)

This is both a brilliant and hilarious video on being flashed on the street AND an introduction to Sasheer Zamata, a comedian that you will soon be obsessed with.  Seriously, I spent an hour watching videos from her troupe Prom Comedy (Jezebel)

Oh my God yes! Its possibly the most satisfying list this movie nerd has ever read: Hollywood’s most inconsistent actors (Movietimetv)

This cartoon puts the current gun control "debate" into clear and hilarious perspective.  I tried to do the same thing, but apparently a one-panel of me screaming at people isn't as effective (This Modern World)

In other weird and interesting US news both parties have agreed to the Federal Reserve being audited.  The last time they agreed was the "Sunny Days are Nice" initiative, and that was after 8 days of debate (Huffington Post)

This is both so sad, and so beautiful, and it needs to be seen.  The full AIDS quilt can now be viewed online (Yahoo)

Well, now that we've all sobbed uncontrollably, how about the delightful sight of baby Aaron Paul (aka Jesse from Breaking Bad) losing his mind with excitement on Price is Right (Hypervocal)

Remember when I was talking about being MacGyver earlier? Some things might not need to be MacGyvered.  Or maybe you're super into this idea, I don't want to judge your life.

And in my weekly serving of aaaaaadorable, it's a baby and a dalmatian running after a laser pointer.

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