Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pinky's Polish Obsession: Orly Space Cadet

Pinky McLadybits

Some brands of polish really need no review. You know that OPI, Orly, Zoya, etc. are going to go on well. Sure, sometimes they need three or four coats instead of the suggested two, but that isn't such a big deal. The thing we really want to know about with polishes?

How does it look on nails. That's what I want to know. You can shake and stare at a bottle of polish in different lights for hours, but it won't tell you how the polish will look once you actually apply it.

There are tons of nail blogs out there that show you how polishes look, but don't Google them. Just stick with us and let us be the only review site you'll ever need. 

Our inaugural polish is Orly's Space Cadet.
I was intrigued by this Orly shade because of the numerous shimmering colors floating in it. It's bronzeish! Nope, greenish! WAIT! Is that purplish? It's all sparkly. I got it home and was severely disappointed with the first coat, which looked a but like sparkly vomit. However, we all know that we need at least two coats of any polish or lacquer, so I carried on.

After the second coat I was happier with the result, though not entirely sure that I liked the color after all. After a third coat I can say that I really like Space Cadet! The shimmer is great and the lights plays off of the colors beautifully. In the semi-darkness of my living room, with just the computer screen and one window for light, the color seems purple, then green, then bronze as I move my hands. 

Then there are the indoor photos with flash, which aren't so great...

Finally, sunlight!

What do you think about the color?

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