Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nothing's As Adorable As Josh Hutcherson As Spiderman...But This Cat Picture's Close!


Well, its Thursday and the internet is all abuzz with a mixture of things that are fascinating and infuriating.  Just remember, anytime something drives you nuts, you can scroll back up and look at the kitten (you will likely want to do that after the first link)

A great look at why this whole Daniel Tosh rape joke thing is so important/infuriating.  And why being upset about it isn't necessarily just a knee-jerk reaction  (Huffington Post)

A lovely piece on how much art can mean to people’s lives.  I think that Rocky Horror has meant something to a lot of us at one time or another (Rookie) 

Like animals and jewellery AND looking slightly terrifying?  You’ll love these rings (The Gloss)

I don’t know if I’m convinced to join instagram, but more Lena Dunham is always going to make me happy (Crushable)

This is delightfully right on the money.  Let’s all stop giving this advice to me…I mean all single women (Betty Confidential)

I usually live to make fun of celebrity poets (sorry Jewel…sort of).  But there’s actually some decent stuff in here, and the Beyonce one to Frank Ocean is just lovely (The Frisky)

Fascinating research now suggests that “child prodigies” may be that way due to being on the autism spectrum (The Stir)

I love the thought of a manicure that could influence a debate.  And this look seems like it would.  What do you think, ewww or ahhhh? (Buzznet)

Guys, guys, my dreams are coming true! Let’s just hope that one where I can fly, but I have lizard skin isn’t next (New York Observer)

A comprehensive look at the lead in lipstick controversy and what’s actually going on (Youbeauty)

A funny and comprehensive (and occasionally gross) look at hangover cures that would have been very helpful BEFORE the holiday weekend.  Still, it’s a great read (The Awl)

This made me howl, HOWL! Who knew I could laugh this hard at something Jane Eyre related (The Hairpin)

Chet Haze, better known as Tom Hanks rapping son.  Or the one who's not Colin.

I find this adorable.  Oh "Hunger Games'" Josh Hutcherson, you are a delight!

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  1. I was in a cast of Rocky Horror for three years. Played Janet in the NYC Convention, and on the float in the Gay Pride Parade for the same convention (yes, that's right - I was on a parade float in NYC in my underwear). While I may not be involved in the community anymore, the experience is something profound that I wouldn't trade for the world, and some of my best friends are from that period of my life (my original Brad performed my wedding). Rocky Horror is amazing.