Friday, July 27, 2012

M is for Magneto, But W is for Weekend!


This amazing Magneto print is the work of artist René Mambembé.  It's just one of a series called "helvetica, my hero" that combines typography with superheroes and villains.  (Behance)

Would you approve of a tax on beer and cigarettes if it meant it would help treat 34 million people worldwide who have HIV?  What if I mentioned that the tax could be as little as 1.5 cents a bottle or 10 cents a carton?  (NPR)

I'm not one for doing funky manicures, as I'm pretty clumsy when it comes to painting small details, but this marbled manicure seems like it might be klutz-proof!  And all it takes is some plastic wrap!  (Birchbox)

News of an affair between Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders broke this week and fans of Stewart and Robert Pattinson lost their damn minds.  Now, Liberty Ross, Rupert's wife, has responded with her own take on Stewart.  If I weren't already on her side for being the scorned wife, I think this would've won me over.  (The Gloss)

Picking on Nickelback is so easy to do, and yet it is always funny when someone does.  Especially if they do so in a drunken AMA session on Reddit.  (Crushable)

Do I really need to justify linking to a photo of Ewan McGregor?  I didn't think so. (TLo)

There have been some Absolutely Fabulous celebrities who have carried the Olympic Torch on its journey to London, but none made me smile as much as these two.  (BBC News)

I bet this guy has like three tractors inside this shed... because, you know... I'm sure it's bigger on the inside.  (BoingBoing)

Here's a great list of easy-to-watch anime that you can find on Hulu or Netflix.  If you've ever wondered which of the many, many shows to watch, you can't miss with any of these, especially "Ouran High School Host Club."  I'd also add my own favorite, "Fruits Basket," which is also streaming on Netflix.  (The Mary Sue)

This collection of Vanity Fair's "Hollywood Issue" covers is a walk down memory lane of the have-beens and never-were stars of the past 16 years (ok, and there are some so-called "legends," too).  Whatever happened to dreamy Jonathan Schaech, anyway?  (Vanity Fair)

Ok, I am totally guilty of posting a LOT about the Olympic athletes this year, but this video is just downright adorable.  The US Swimming Teams perform a lipdub of "Call Me Maybe" - don't miss the underwater robot moves near the end.

I've recently become obsessed with the UK show "Misfits" (now airing on Logo here in the US and also available on Hulu - go watch!).  Besides being a fantastically funny, rather affecting show, it also boasts a killer soundtrack.  This?  Is my favorite song of the moment - "Paradise Circus" by Massive Attack.  Happy weekend, y'all!

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