Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot Tip: Save Your Razors, Part Deux


Every time I buy a new package of razors, my wallet screams. It's weird. I'll be standing there in the checkout line, buying my stuff, minding my own business; when the clerk swipes my package of razors over the scanner, my wallet begins howling like a banshee. It's embarrassing, really. So, to save myself embarrassment and fumbling explanations about the shrieking in my purse, I decided to give stropping a try. As defined by Merriam-Webster, stopping means to sharpen a razor on a strop (a leather band created for the purpose of sharpening the razor). However, Terry Pundiak developed a simpler way of extending the life of your disposable razors. Watch his brief video:

See? So easy! I've been using the same cartridge for 5 months with this technique and I've had no irritation due to a dull or corroded razor. So, do your wallet a favor - give this stropping technique a try.

(NB: Remember to keep your blades clean using MelBivDevoe's tip from last week!)

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