Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday links


You'll never guess who guest raps with Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) on his latest mixtape, Royalty.  No, really, you won't.  Hint: Upper Darby represent!!  (Vulture)

Celebrity baby news!  Claire Danes and her dashing hubby, Hugh Dancy, are expecting their first child together.  (People)

A teacher in PA vented her frustrations on the internet and ended up losing her job.  I guess "freedom of speech" is a tricky concept when you work for a public school.  (Daily Mail)

In a new edition coming out next week, 47 alternate endings to Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms" will finally see the light of day.  You can read a few of them in this article.  Most of them are, probably unsurprisingly, a bit bleak.  (NY Times)

I hope this girl saves the money she could spend on a boob job and instead uses it to travel far, far away from her family.  (The Gloss)

Could you live a plastic-free life?  (Oddity Central)

Everyone's favorite consulting detective just got himself a cameo on the next season of "The Simpsons."  (The Mary Sue)

To all of my currently pregnant friends, I promise I will never buy any of these onesies for your offspring.  (Mommyish)

July is National Ice Cream Month!  I should dig out our ice cream maker and try to whip up one of the delicious flavors listed here.  (Epicurious)

Here's a list of summer skin mistakes and how to avoid them.  One easy way to avoid them all?  Never leave your couch, like me!  (HuffPo)

This is the most awkward serenade I've seen since Jason Segel on "Freaks & Geeks."  Oy. 

It took 20 years to set this next video up, but it totally paid off.  A man has a hilarious conversation with his 12-year-old self.  

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