Monday, June 11, 2012

The Weekend is Over, Let's Commiserate Together


Let's ease into the workweek, shall we? Have you met Carrie the Merengue Dancing Dog? If not, you're in for a treat, my friend. She and Kristen Bell recently met at Bonnaroo and it was love at first sight. (Buzzfeed)

If, like me, you're bummed you missed Bonnaroo (this year and every single other year... sigh), at least we have the internet to console us!  You can catch live webcasts and video of previous performances on the official Bonnaroo YouTube channel.  (YouTube)

I'm sometimes guilty of walking while I read (What? It's not like I'm texting and walking at the same time!).  One of my favorite authors, Lev Grossman, offers some tips on how you too can become a perusing pedestrian.  (Time)

So if the TARDIS is bigger on the inside, does that mean that's a huge rock?  (The Mary Sue

If you asked the average NPR listener to name one of their favorite programs, I'm sure one of the first answers you'd get would be "Car Talk."  Well, here's some bad news for those fans.  (The Atlantic)

Having just moved to a town where frozen yogurt appears to be the dessert of choice, this article asking whether it's really healthy for you is a happy coincidence.  (HuffPo

Traveling with kids this summer?  Here's a list of 10 theme parks that are family-friendly.  (lilSugar)

Or if you've got the time and the means, why not visit one of the Top 10 Zoos Worldwide?  The Underwater Zoo in Dubai looks amazing.  (HuffPo)

Myself, I will be spending my money this summer on other things.  Like this dress.  (Trendhunter)

Or I could be crafty like this smart 17-year-old and just make my own dress.  Although it's been years since I've had any homework to work with.... (Daily Mail)

I've never shopped American Apparel, but I'd support them for their new LGBT Pride campaign, featuring transgender model Isis King.  (Fashionista)

Tired of internet trolls?  Just sing them this happy tune and confuse the hell out of 'em! (NSFW for language so don't blast your speakers unless you're trying to send a message to some coworkers.)

Finally, this song is EVERYWHERE right now, but I think you'll enjoy this rendition.  Adding Jimmy Fallon & the Roots is a great way to improve any tune, even annoying, omnipresent earworms!

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