Friday, June 8, 2012

Pinky Made the Mistake of Letting Me Have Free Reign with Today's Hot Links


It's summer, (maybe not technically, but come on, it's summer) which means it's time for all that summer reading you want to do.  Perhaps you are looking for some recommendations?  This collection should keep you busy. (NPR)

OK, while I was looking for that link, I found this fascinating story about Dorothy Parker and how her ashes came to be interned at NAACP's headquarters in Baltimore. (NPR)

One more link for book recommendations (you know your book stack isn't quite high enough, because it hasn't toppled over and trapped you yet).  Last year, I coordinated Cannonball Read III for Pajiba, and the Cannonballers came up with this great list of the best books they read for CBR-III. (Pajiba)

BUST has a great little piece on Spanish photographer, Yolanda Dominguez's, examination of how ridiculous fashion poses look when done in the context of real life situations. (BUST)

Considering shacking up with your main squeeze?  You might want to check out this illustrated list of pros and cons. (The Oatmeal)

Thanks to The Oatmeal's new web site, Bear Food, I was introduced to this great comic web site.  Find out how Adam ended up with a drunk woman's tooth. Yes, you read that correctly. (Books of Adam)

Speaking of drinking, some of us are big fans of cocktails.  And like to find new ones to try.  Check out the Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails-Boston site for some recipes.  The Blue Skies looks delightful!  (I'm a sucker for a cocktail involving gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup.)  Mmm.  Booze. (LUPEC-Boston
PS. I *love* LUPEC's motto, "dismantling the drink at a time!"

Some of us might be lucky enough to get a chance to see The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, today!  For those of you who are slightly less lucky, you still have her hilarious blog to read. Who knew she was once in a fight with Morgan Freeman?  Probably *not* Morgan Freeman. (The Bloggess)

Sure, we all laugh now at those funny-looking shoes with the toes, but someday, we'll probably all be wearing them.  Guess who'll be laughing then?  Those of you on the cutting edge who are wearing them now.  (xkcd)

I may not be a fan of hockey (or sports in general), but I am a huge fan of Keith Knight. (K Chronicles & (Th)ink)

Have you watched My Drunk Kitchen recently?  I haven't.  Girl, have I been missing out.

For more clips, check out her web site.  (My Drunk Kitchen)

I know that this video clip of Kristen Bell and her love of sloths isn't new, but it's so wonderful, you should watch it again.  Seriously.  I love it so much, I have it bookmarked on my computer.

Here's a bonus.  I wanted to share one of my favorite Green Porno videos (you know, those awesome short films by Isabella Rossellini about how various animals procreate) with you, but the Sundance Channel's website wouldn't really cooperate.  So, use this link, and then click on the tab for "GREEN PORNO-All," and then watch the clips for Starfish and Limpet.  You're welcome.  (Sundance Channel - Green Porno)


  1. Jenny Lawson is awesome. I met her at her signing in Jersey Wednesday night, and I thoroughly recommend attending one if she comes to your area.

  2. Adam from Books of Adam lives really close to me, in "I'm a creepy web comic artist stalker" related news.