Monday, June 25, 2012

Sleep, Kittified French Film, and Aaron Sorkin. Buckle In, It's Going To Be A Straaaaange Day!


Hunter S. Thompson once said "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro".  Well seeking out these weird (and wonderful...and sometimes disturbing) links I am now calling myself an official PRO.  I'm also going to call myself pretentious for using that quote.
Nurses have been bad asses heroes many times in my life. Turns out that’s nothing new.  Also, beware this website.  Its amazing and pretty musch impossible not to spend hours on (Shorpy)

Want to have nightmares about hotel rooms forever?  No? Then don’t read this (Yahoo)

I doubt I’m the only one that is obsessed with the awesome ways people decorate their houses.  Well, if you’re into eye candy, this house is Willy Wonka’s factory (Etsy blog)

Its apparently going to be a record summer for mosquitoes but you don’t want to hide inside or breathe in mosquito coil fumes.  DIY solutions to the rescue (ApartmentTherapy)

Faux french film meets adorable kitty? Yes please (

Aaron Sorkin has officially made the transition from “cranky cultural critic” to “weird cranky uncle who’s obsessed with high-fiving (Globe and Mail)

I’m a problem solver, so I’ve found the solution to that age-old question: how can western comics be even manlier? Please, no need to thank me (Cracked)

A beautiful photography series inspired by the memory of the artist’s mother.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, there seems to be some dust in my eye (Daily Mail)

Turns out a getaway plan from a robbery needs to include “having a car large enough to get away with the stuff we stole (The Local)

A weird and wonderful look at sleep, dreams and insomnia and the art that’s inspired by them (Houston Culture Map)

How to spice up your marriage, if by “spice” you mean “wreck”.   Thanks Fox News, if by “thanks” I mean “blech” (Fox News)

A fun and interesting look at the environmentally friendly house of the future (Science Dump)

Speaking of science, I sure wish I knew more about it.  If only someone had encouraged me as a teen to go into science by talking down to me:

I find this guy so inspiring, and I bet you will too:

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