Monday, June 4, 2012

One Day, Maybe We Will Go Viral. SIGH.

Pinky McLadybits

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee! She's been monarching the crap out of people since 1953. Here are 60 photos for the 60 years of the Queen's reign. (Telegraph)

And now, the 21 Worst Things...IN THE WORLD!! More or less. (Buzzfeed)

Ladies in technology, some douche canoe has decided that MEN MADE THE INTERNET. And that women being treated unfairly in this field is LORE. Unsurprisingly, many people called bullshit. (BoingBoing)

If I had a superpower, it would be mind-reading so I can catch me some hot supernatural mens. I wouldn't whine about it as much as Sookie, either, that's for damned sure. I'd probably also use it to acquire ill-gotten gains. I'm no fool. And it wouldn't be a power that left me looking stupid, like these from the animal kingdom. (Cracked)

When will the food studies finally realize that everything in moderation is a better way to fix obesity than changing what is and is not acceptable to eat from day to day? COME ON. (Jason Good)

Mow the lawn or grow food on it. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. (NPR)


Heather Armstrong cracks me up. Here is a rundown of her recent Twitter musings. (Dooce)

This is the best picture text conversation I have ever seen. It has it all, weather, shark AIDS, and Las Vegas. (Books Of Adam)

Maybe it is warm where you are. It is not warm here. Perhaps you are near beaches that you will travel to and, once there, you will lounge, soak up the sun, and check Facebook. Here's a tip for keeping your phone sand free. (Lifehacker)

OF COURSE Gaydar exists. I've been using mine since junior school. I've only been wrong twice, though I feel like those dudes are lying to themselves and my record is perfect. (Neatorama)

Since I love makeup transformation videos, here are two to end the links. First we have Michelle Phan with some Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" looks.

Then we have dope2111 transforming into Pocahontas!

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