Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its Thurs-yeah!


Well, its Thursday and you know what that means: Park's magical grab bag of weird and wonderful.  Today you can learn how to make a cute bracelet, look evil with just one form of scientifically proven facial hair and how to be unhappy in every movie (be James Marsden).  All the things you didn't know you needed to know

I can never get enough of “an animal raises the young of another animal” stories and I doubt that I’m the only one (Yahoo)

There was a suspicious death at silent yoga retreat. Who did it? No one’s talking (Atlantic Wire)

I knew that Ikea had those strange names for a reason.  Sure, they’re named after Swedish towns…nice try you meatball loving pervs  (The Star)

James Marsden: the man, the myth, the guy who always loses in movies.  (Cracked)

I like when science proves what I knew in my heart all along: you DO look evil when you have a goatee (iO9)

Its getting close to vacation time, you don’t want to spend that vacay sick.  Here are some great tips to avoid missing out on the fun that are better then “stay away from everyone because they’re full of germs…GERMS (Consumerist)

On vacation but don’t want to just eat garbage? Well: 1) Congratulations, you’re a way better person then me.  Eating crappy is one of the main reasons I GO on vacation 2) Here’s a website that will help you…spoilsport (Eat Well Guide)

Criticism is tough for everyone, but you know how there’s those people who always seem to take criticism so well? Maybe they read this article, because, seriously its awesome  (Lifehacker)

While this article reads a little smarmy, it’s a nice break from the barrage of “if you’re not married you’re doomed” articles that are constantly rammed down women’s throats.  Also, I can use a few strong arguments next time someone says something passive aggressive about me not being married (Jezebel)

Want a cute charm bracelet like you’ve seen on the Prada runway but don’t have 8 bazillion dollars to spend on it?  How about this super cute DIY version? (Lulufrost)

I can’t realize my dream of actually hanging out with my tv hero Lindsay Weir, but this playlist is the next best thing (Rookie)

Maybe it wasn’t that they were missing a heart, brains and courage.  Maybe what was wrong with the heroes of the Wizard of Oz was they were missing a Haute Couture twist.  Well, no matter what, this is pretty cool (The Frisky)

Every week I am sure I have found you guys the cutest video ever.  And then invariably I find something even cuter.  Well, I may have a forever winner:

Now that you've seen the cutest thing in the world, how about the most badass thing:

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