Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Inner Lives of Swimsuit Models


A while ago the lovely and talented Park helped to decipher what was going on in the minds of lingerie models. While I can’t hope to entirely recapture her wit, I wanted to play tribute to her piece in season appropriate fashion with one on the thoughts of some swim suit models. 

“Look, guys, I found these neat little pockets to stick my tits in! Good thing I have tiny little boobs and they’re not trying to sell suits like this to larger chested women, that would be a disaster! Wait, what?”

“I enjoy playing Russian Roulette with indecent exposure.”
“The minute I exhale and unflex every muscle in my body, these strings will go from ‘stretched over taut skin’ to ‘sausage casing’. It’s cool, though, I don’t need oxygen. Much.”

“I was hired because I look unattainably perfect in swimwear, and even my boobs look wonky and dragged down!”

“Fuck y’all, I’m going snorkling in this bitch. Swimsuits made for swimming FTMotherfuckingWin.” 

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