Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holy Links, Batman!


That fabulous print of Leslie and Ben from "Parks and Recreation" as DC heroes comes from artist Vicky Ryan.  While Leslie as Robin is a bit of a stretch (she's Wonder Woman in my book), Ben's perfect as the Green Lantern, isn't he?  (Comics Alliance)

You know how you sometimes go on Facebook and complain about your boss?  Yeah... don't do that. makes your "private" rants public. (The Atlantic)

Here's a wedding band meant to keep spouses from cheating.  Good intention, but what makes the inventor think anyone will actually wear it?  (BoingBoing)

I knew they were planning a sequel to "Avatar," but now there's talk of a third and fourth installment?  (Bleeding Cool)

The CDC is now offering free HIV screenings at drugstores, starting with Walgreens.  (USA Today)

Another day, another negative report about the TSA.  This time, an agent spilled the cremated remains of a passenger's deceased grandfather.  For shame, TSA.  (Consumerist)

I bet you can guess what movie tops this list of the "10 Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy Romantic Comedies of All Time."  I mean, it's inconceivable that any other movie would be #1! (io9)

Speaking of lists, here's a collection of the "9 Most Egregious Dumbing Downs on TV."  Seriously, what happened to the writers at the end of "Friends"?  They just gave up on the characters, didn't they?  (Pajiba)

Nora Ephron, the writer/director who passed away on Tuesday, is best remembered through these five famous scenes from her most beloved films.  RIP, Nora.  (Vulture)

Good news, Jennifer Saunders (of "Absolutely Fabulous") is writing a musical!  Mildly good news, it's about the Spice Girls!  Bad news, it's not starring them! (What, I can't be the only one who secretly loved "Spice World"!) (AV Club)

For all you "Community" fans, here's a supercut of every "Shut up, Leonard!" set to a funky beat.

And now, your moment of zen - cracking an egg 60 feet underwater.

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