Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happiness is All About Perspective... and Cake for Breakfast.


It's Wednesday.  You're on the downward slope toward the weekend.  So instead of complaining about being tired or how much work you have to do or how your annoying coworker won't stop that REALLY annoying thing she does, let's think positively - at least you're not the last of your species, right?  Right.  On to links!

Latte art amazes me.  I wish I had the skill to make pretty pictures out of foam and spices!  (I Love Coffee)

You know what else amazes me?  Tom Hiddleston's cheekbones.  You could slice your hand on those.  It would probably be worth it.  (Thought Catalog)

Here's something else that should make you feel good about yourself today.  You're not stupid enough to play with a lighter while pumping gas.  How did this person NOT know that was a terrible idea?  (BoingBoing)

Aaron Sorkin is a "condescending prick?"  Quelle surprise!  (Gawker)

I love DIY projects.  Actually, I love finding cute DIY projects and collecting them in case I one day find the motivation to do them... but anyway, here are directions for making your own polka dot tea towels.  (Casa Sugar)

And another amazing DIY - check out these fantastic comic book heels!  Superfabulous! (Wil Wheaton)

A group of working mothers/bloggers, tired of the "unreasonable expectations" created by images of celebrities showing off their bellies after giving birth, recently did a photo shoot to prove what REAL postpartum bellies look like.  Their hope is that women will see these photos and realize they don't need to live up to anyone's standards but their own.  (Blisstree)

Joe Manganiello, so hot right now.  (Vulture)

Out of all of these offices, I think I'd want to work in #3 the most... just as long as I'm not Murphy's secretary.  (Time)

Eating dessert with breakfast can boost weight loss?  Sure, if you don't mind the diabetes that could come with it.  (Philly)

Amazon released their "Best Books of the Year So Far" list yesterday.  Time to update my reading list! (HuffPo)

This cat is incredibly well-trained.  There's no way my cats would do the snapping trick.  That food would be gone as soon as it hit the bowl. 

Pentatonix released their first EP today.  Here's Scott and Kevin jamming with Tori Kelly on Coldplay's "Princess of China." 

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