Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guy Desperate for Attention Says Women Aren't Funny. Women Reply Hilariously



Someone famous has gotten attention for saying women aren't funny? Must be Tuesday. Wait, its Thursday? Then let's look at a whole bunch of other stuff too (and see a man in his 70s smack down Adam Carolla)

Let's start with something pro-double X chromosome: an article by a guy who listened to all female rappers for a month. Warning, prepare to realize you need to go buy a bunch of albums (Cannonball)

Well, that was fun. Now let's get to Adam Carolla, who says that women aren't funny and Tom Cruise acts like a spaceman. Oh man, based on the ignorance of the first statement can I no longer make fun of Tom Cruise? (NY POST)

If you want to hear some awesome burns about yourself, tell all female comedians that they're not funny (Jezebel)

Also, maybe someone's awesome 73 year-old Dad might have a few things to say (Jen Kirkman Tumblr)

"Oh man, I'm so annoyed I think I'm going to treat myself to lunch at McDonalds, but only if the uniforms are Mad Men style chic" said no one (The Gloss)

"My burger looks different then the commercial, which shocks me" said another no one. "But, I do find how they style food quite interesting and I think you might too" said me (The Daily Beast)

Ever hear of the grossest photographer in the world, Terry Richardson? If not, consider yourself lucky. Well, the folks at Funny or Die have and have created this awesome send-up (Funny or Die)

That was funny, but realizing that it's based on a real, super creepy guy makes me want to fly away. Dang, that didn't work. Well here's the next best thing: the illusion of flight and a chance to look at cool rooms. (Twisted Sifter)

Is your dog slowing your roll? I assumed it was just talking, constantly eating, always scared dogs were the only ones that did that. Come on, like I'm the only one who thought Scooby Doo was creepy. (Time)

This time of year always makes me think fondly back at summer camp, as well as remembering all the things were the worst about it. This hilarious article shows I'm not the only one. Also, let's all watch Wet Hot American Summer like a zillion times again (Rookie)

I don't know much about these two, but these out of context quotes are aaaaamazing (The Observer)

Let's end on an awesome note: A Bollywood Training Montage!!! (io9)

I know a lot of you are as excited about the new Pixar movie "Brave" as I am, so here's a glance behind the scenes at the studio from a few years ago (just looking at the way people decorate their offices makes me so happy):

And here's the exact opposite of Pixar: a creepy chicken rapper:

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