Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Green Lantern Defeated The "One Million Moms"

Pinky McLadybits


I haven't seen Men In Black III and I have no plans of doing so. Maybe if Wes Anderson had directed it... (Paste Magazine)

Men, do you need style advice? I'll wait while you ask your significant other. So, yes? Perhaps this will help you. (Doctor Nerdlove)

You see, math is important. You do use math daily, whether you realize or not. For example, there is now a site that uses algorithms to find your perfect bra size. (The Frisky)

Another day, another FUCK YOU AND THE HATRED YOU RODE IN ON concerning "One Million" Moms. (Comic Book Resources)

I have an irrational hatred of Armie Hammer. Perhaps because he was not that great in The Social Network, yet people were shitting themselves over him. Anyway, I hope he either doesn't get this rumored part or he surprises me in a good way. (The Mary Sue)

It seems like most of these links concern things I don't like. Here comes another! Fifty Shades of Gray is a piece of poorly written shit, but I don't begrudge anyone their guilty pleasure. I'll never read them. However, indulging in these chapter recaps is acceptable. (Sweaters For Days And Moves Like Jagger)

Two words: Pocket Princesses. (My Junk Drawer)

Do you know what a confluence is? I didn't either. Let the link explain and then check out some of the beautiful photos. (Twisted Sifter)

There are some things that you just don't hear any more. Things that aren't made. We're old. Be warned, these are LOUD, so turn your volume down. (Museum Of Endangered Sounds)

The 90s were the Decade of the Supermodel, yes? Yes. Here are 51 reasons why those supermodels ruled. (Buzzfeed)

Why would you want to wear fashions inspired by The Rugrats? Well, if you do...(College Fashion)

Lastly, as a personal favor to all of us here at Hot Ink, please vote for Studio K in Orlando, Florida! This $250K grant will help their studio bring so much to Orlando. Vote now and tell everyone to vote too. They're just a few votes away from earning the grant! (Mission Small Business)

"The Bear and The Maiden Fair" preformed by Irish Moutarde. If you don't know what this song is, perhaps I could direct you to Game of Thrones. 

Check out this dude dancing and creating cotton candy confections. Or whatever. Also, look out little blonde girl. Keep reaching for a puff of free cotton candy and you might get incorporated into one of the creations.

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