Monday, June 18, 2012

Emma Stone Continues Her Campaign to Be My New BFF


Good morning!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Me, I spent mine doing my favorite things - shopping and scouring the web for interesting links to share with you all.  You can thank me later.

In this interview with, Emma Stone comes to terms with being immortalized in GIFs.  They bring us happiness, Emma, so enjoy the craze!  (Crushable)

Another thing I did over the weekend?  Finally watched "Prometheus."  My feelings about the movie can best be summed up by this video from Red Line Media.  (BoingBoing

I wish I could've watched it at home in my own personal theater.  And I wish that personal theater looked like this.  (io9)

Did you hear about the "vagina" controversy from the Michigan House of Representatives last week?  Well, here's the story from Angry Black Lady if you missed it.  (ABL)

So, clearly, some Republican reps in Michigan are offended by such a clean, anatomically-correct term for ladybits.  If you're going to mention up your hooha in their company, here's a list of 25 approved terms that you should use instead.  (Jezebel)

CBS is turning the "Draw Something" app into a tv show.  I used to watch that show when it was called "Win, Lose, or Draw."  (The Mary Sue)

Jean jackets are back in style?  I knew I shouldn't have thrown mine out after fourth grade!  (And now I feel old.)  (Celebuzz)

Fashion and makeup are passions of ours here at Hot Ink, but we always try to remember that, when it comes to looking pretty?  We do it for ourselves.  As this excellent piece states, "You don't owe prettiness to anyone."  (Dress A Day)
Well, the Pentagon has come a long way since the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"!  (THR)

Vogue has a great slideshow of fantastic actors who made the leap from the Broadway stage to television.  Can't wait to see the "Book of Mormon" leads in their new shows this fall!  (Vogue)

Music festival season is upon us.  Here's an amazing roundup of pop and jazz festivals occurring all over the country this summer.  (NYTimes

Speaking of music, there are millions of cover songs out there that aren't worth your time.  This is not one of those cover songs.  Usher does a funky cover of Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks."

And one last music note for your Monday.  Here's the trailer to "Pitch Perfect," an upcoming film about the world of college a cappella.  Looks silly but sounds good!

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