Thursday, June 14, 2012

Clothes From My Nightmares, Hair From A Genre I Don't Understand


This week I've learned that style is something that I will never understand but is something that I can be confused and fearful of.   Someone fetch me a bag of hard candies.  Time to go complain to the neighbour kids that they don't know what life was like in my day

Yes, I’m definitely old, because 1) a hairstyle made famous by a musician I’m vaguely familiar with is now very popular 2) My first reaction was: looks more like a modified Liz from Degrassi to me.    (Jezebel)

Various artists (especially the amazing Kate Beaton) do their version of the super ridiculous Catwoman cover (The Mary Sue)

While we’re talking about online comic superstar Ms Beaton, how about one of my favorite comics she’s ever done (Hark A Vagrant)

Its clothing that’s alive, says this website and all my nightmares (Bioalloy)

This haiku story
Seems kinda fake to me
But it’s real supposedly  okay (ABC)

Russian ex-spy Anna Chapman made her debut on the fashion runway.  The money she earned she gave to charity, however I think the additional gift she gave was the gift of seeing other models hilariously dressed as Secret Agents.  No word on whether a Russian version of “Secret Agent Man” played, but I like to pretend it did (The Look Today)

And just like I do every week I’m going to include something adorable with an animal.  This week, it’s the world’s smallest puppy (NBC Bay Area)

Hey, want to really fool your guests into thinking that you cooked a fancy meal?  How about this service that delivers meals and the dirty dishes right to your door.  They’ll never suspect.  Or you could just admit you can’t cook and then realize anyone who gives you crap about it isn’t worth listening to anyways (Shortlist)

See how college dorms have evolved and how pretentious students mostly stay the same (Time)

What’s the best way to deal with Copyright infringement ever? 1) Be funny and delightful 
2) Raise money for charity (The Oatmeal)

I knew there was a reason I stopped reading Cosmo: fear for my life (AZ Family)

Do you want to simultaneously laugh and question the future of the human race?  Well how about these terrible guys online dating profiles? (Buzzfeed)

Looking for links has made me very aware of the wonder of comments of weird internet trolls and creep-o blogs.  Listen to the brilliant Rob Huebel and Aziz Ansari read a few they've found about themselves.  NSFW but so great

Remember how earlier I talked about questioning the future of the human race.  Well this is the exact opposite.  After listening to this dramatic reading of LMFAO I know that we're going to be okay guys.

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