Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here And It Ain't Fluffy


I knew this day would come, but I was really hoping it'd be zombie bunnies, not humans. They're so fluffy and cute! Who'd be afraid of a widdle bunny?

Ok, ok, it probably WASN'T a real zombie attack, but still, this news report out of Miami is pretty horrifying! (Gawker)

Speaking of zombies, here's an ominous tweet that might have you scrambling for a shotgun. "Institute for Genomic Biology" + "seek shelter" = "We're DOOMED" in my mind. (io9)
Vulture has a list of "Pop Culture's Greatest Lanes." I didn't know there were enough to make an entire list, and #10 would seem to confirm my suspicion. (Vulture)

All I have to say about this is "Thank goodness!" (The Mary Sue)

The lead singer of Against Me! recently made her first stage appearance after revealing she is transgender. She's an inspiration to others and I hope they'll find strength from her example. (The Gloss)
Here's a shirt for fans of Watson from the BBC's "Sherlock." (Red Bubble)

When we start calling teenage girls "cougars-in-training," I think it's time to retire that term. (NY Times)

This list of the worst-dressed cities in America has a few surprises, but seeing Orlando ranked as #4 isn't one of them. As a former resident, I assure you it's all due to the damn tourists. (HuffPo)

I missed this year's Eurovision contest, but here's a slideshow of the craziest costumes from the annual competition. (Go Fug Yourself)

Looks like the fallout from the nuclear meltdown in Japan is starting to hit US shores in the form of irradiated tuna. (CNN)

This just confirms what I've known all along: if you talk to your kids now about being financially responsible, they'll be better off down the line. And they'll thank you for it when they're on their own and debt-free! (NPR)

My favorite summer show, "So You Think You Can Dance," is back for its ninth season. Which means it's time for one of my favorite bloggers, Leee from Television! You Black Emperor, to delight us with his witty recaps again! (TYBE)

How do you class up some hot tortoise-on-shoe action?  Get Sir David Attenborough to narrate.

Do you have some tissues at hand?  Good.  You're gonna need them for this next video, in which a man and about 60 of his closest friends perform the world's first lip-dub marriage proposal.  *sniff*

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