Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted: But Now I'm Back

Pinky McLadybits

I'm back! We're all back! Did you miss us? I hope so because I missed yoooooou!!!!

Oh, man. You know how women that use birth control to keep from getting pregnant or to regulate their hormones or to hlp them ovulate properly so they can get pregnant are sluts?? Now you can add your name and support to sluts every where!! (Sluts Across America)

After that, you may still have some anger. Perhaps it can be sated by these photos of objects at the point on explodey impact. BOOM! (Twisted Sifter)

Rage no more, my dolls. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these superhero magazine covers and movie stills. I like the Wonder Woman "We Can Do It!"-style poster the best. (Comics Alliance)

I am very happy that my parents weren't nudists. However, I realize that I stroll naked from the bathroom to the bedroom often and sometimes don't cover up when Pinky Jr enters the bathroom to ask me something. If she's ever uncomfortable with it, I won't hesitate to make sure I use my robe more. You? (The Gloss)

My cousin once got a haircut that rivaled the awful of David Bowie's hair in Labyrinth. I once got my hair cut into a bob and the hairdresser inexplicably left a chunk of hair wider than a rat tail and longer than the rest of my hair in the back. I am relieved that our experiences are not unique. Of course, it also proves that you shouldn't trust discount hair places and never let a hairdresser bully you or leave without being satisfied. Actually, most stylists will redo your hair if you call them within a specified time frame and tell them what you don't like. (The Frisky)

These color-blocked nails look pretty sweet. Perhaps I can use this technique later today and let you know how it went. (Divine Caroline)

Here is some more superhero goodness in the form of makeup based on characters of The Avengers. (Jangsara)

Pajibans have been getting married and having babies like whoa recently. I am reminded of them when I see these lovely modern cakes. Some of them had similar cakes at their nuptials. The rest should probably buy a fancy cake. FOR THE BABY. (Cake Wrecks)

Mother's Day is coming! If you have a Mom like me (or just want to buy me pretty things), you can't go wrong with the Good Kid Mother's Day Tin. (ThinkGeek)

SHIT! It's sold out. Maybe I could learn to ride a bike again with The World's Sweetest Bike! (Gizmodiva)

I'm also open to receiving Tom Servo (ebay) and Crow T. Robot (ebay).

Wouldn't it be nice to be minding your own business in a park, when suddenly someone treats you to an Instant Date?

Want to teach your kids about death but don't want to actually speak to them? FEAR NOT!

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  1. It is my goal to get our wedding cake on Sunday Sweets. I think our odds are pretty good - that was a spectacular cake. Our bakery told us it was the tallest one they'd ever made. Added bonus is the Wreck I made (it said Mawwiage on it) that we cut with the broadsword first. ;-) We are badass married people.