Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Cows Just Want to Watch the World Burn...


I find the "Evil Cows" meme to be udderly amusing. /rimshot

It's Hump Day, so feast your eyes on these gorgeous shirtless men!  Love #15, but I could go without seeing #11 ever again.  (Wetpaint)

Here's a roundup of where your favorite "American Idol" contestants are now.  I had forgotten that most of these people exist.  (Daily Beast)

In honor of last night's "Glee" finale, the Fug Girls recap Kurt's insane wardrobe.  Let us never forget the one-armed sweater! (Vulture)

This year's Comic Con will feature a "Walking Dead" zombie apocalypse simulation zone.  Sign me up!  (Comics Alliance)

Film School Rejects is offering a nice little price pack for Wes Anderson's upcoming "Moonrise Kingdom."  Head on over to the comments section to enter!  (FSR)

I want these "Sherlock" glasses from geekyglassware on Etsy.  Their shop also includes some nice sets with "Harry Potter" and "Doctor Who" designs, among others.  (Etsy)

Also nerdy?  These amazing covers of Radiohead's "Kid A" and "OK Computer" done in 8-bit style.  (The Mary Sue)

As if I weren't already afraid of teenage riffraff, now they're shooting people with blow-dart guns!  (Village Voice)

Here's a list of the 9 beers you should try this summer.  Sweet, another excuse to visit the Victory Brewery again!  (Time)

Baby penguin meets human for the first time, hearts across the internet melt.  (The Stir)

NPR is attempting to list the 10 albums that everyone can love.  That's a tall order, so pop on over and help them out by voting for the ones you love!  (NPR)

How about another contest, this time one you can do with your kids?  First Lady Michelle Obama is hosting a cooking contest for kids.  You can win a trip to the White House!  (Epicurious)

Wednesday Dance Party!  Up first is the latest from Hot Chip - "Night & Day."

And my favorite Foster the People track, "Houdini."  Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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