Monday, May 7, 2012

My Name Is M.C.A. And I Still Do As I Please.

Pinky McLadybits

I had last week's links finished before I learned of the death of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, AKA MCA. I adore the Beastie Boys and I have listened to them since I was young and they were screaming about partying. Cancer is a piece of shit and I hate it. Check out this tribute in photos (Pajiba) and the obituary on the official Beasties page (Beastie Boys). Yauch did so much good with his time here and he will be missed by fans, friends, and family. 

Do you like cake? Sure! We all do! Let's take a look at some cakes that are the bee's knees and represent movies! (Cake Wrecks)

Good news, everyone! If you see Bigfoot while in Texas, you may shoot that motherfucker that never did anything to you but exist! I'm pretty sure that's the law for everything you see in Texas. Shoot! (io9)

Most of my friends have already seen The Avengers and sing its praises, and those of Joss Whedon, from atop Facebook high. Jerks. Anyway, Deviant Art user doonboy has a collection of what Black Widow and other Marvel and DC ladies would have looked like in the 1800s. (Deviant Art)

We all know that Leonardo da Vinci drew the human anatomy over 500 years ago. How accurate were his drawings, really? (BBC)

Blogger Nathan Shields has been making geeky pancakes and photographing them. How accurately does he recreate characters like The Rancor and pieces of human anatomy, like the heart? Pretty damn well actually. (Saipancakes)

On a daily basis, except weekends usually, my Facebook feed has people complaining about co-workers. Burnt popcorn in the microwave, idiotic questions, screwing up their job and blaming other people. I've never been happier to stay at home. For those of you in a workplace, here are ways to survive the 10 levels of the hell that is other people. (Lifehacker)

So, technology can make an espresso machine that writes text, like a phone number or something, in the foam, but my blender still sounds like someone with metal teeth chewing an entire trailer park while scraping nails across a chalkboard? FUCK YOU, TECHNOLOGY! I WANT MY QUIET BLENDER! (Make)

Kickstarter is The New Thing, yes? It seems like everyone is trying to get the idea that will make them millions. These people, they failed at that. Big time. (BuzzFeed)

This article is very scientific, but the gist is that brain cells in mice have been "rebooted" in an effort to reverse the effects of dementia. Science is fucking awesome. (New Scientist)

My bookshelf is cheap and filled to the brim. These bookshelves are artistic and drool-worthy. (Flavorwire)

I really like hanging out at the local wine place and sampling new wines. So I'm excited to have found this Week in Wine! It isn't a long list, but one good wine referral is better than a list of crap. (Batelle Media)

When you walk out to fight someone and Justin Beiber is flanking you, does that make your opponent feel badly for you, allowing you to take advantage? Or does it just make him try to whip your ass harder?

And now, because the randomizer decreed it must be so, enjoy four minutes of vintage car crashes.

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