Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Links That Cannot Be Unread! (Seriously, They're Pretty Awesome, Read Them!)


Its Thursday and I'm feeling CRAZY.  Well not as crazy as some of the folks below, but still, I stayed up until 4am yesterday.  I was packing, but that counts right? Right?

JC Penney has faced a lot of controversy for having an ad with a lesbian couple so they made sure that their newest ad definitely doesn’t have a lesbian couple.  Wait, before you freak out, just click (Think Progress)

I have been known to lash out at people who have suddenly decided to “embrace their inner geek” (PS just so you know folks, those non-prescription glasses aren’t fooling anyone) but after reading this I want to be a better, kinder geek (Geekout)

Ha ha! Mark Zuckerberg can’t figure out an ATM. Also, he’s accomplished way more then any of the rest of us have or ever will. Ha, ha…oh (Gizmodo)

Think you had a rough day?  Well at least you don’t have to worry about storm drains turning into geysers that can PICK UP A CAR (CTV)

This is a fascinating (and kinda scary) look at why seemingly ethical people commit fraud (Boing Boing)

Hey other kids of the 80s, the Fraggle Rock movie is apparentely happening.  And the last thing from my childhood Hollywood hasn’t ruined yet it ruined in 10, 9, 8…(Vulture)

Comic book geekery meets sharp feminist critique: yes please (The Mary Sue)

Comic book geekery meets porn, not so much thanks. BUT read the article if only to know that there is a porn called “Bat Pussy” which features a character who travels around on one of those bouncy balls with a handle. Oh, and its also considered one of the worst pornos ever made. Also, not surprisingly this is NSFW (io9)

Want to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee? Well why not put your best (bedazzled) foot forward? (The Gloss)

Or perhaps a more private show of support? (Lovehoney)

I love 1940s screen siren style but an absolutely hopeless when it comes to finding the right red lipstick to finish off the look.  Well, I WAS hopeless (Rookie)

These rumors are so juicy and (despite what the article says) totally fake. But still, wow these rumors are 100% amazeballs (Gawker)

You know those really inspiring commencement speeches that come out this time every year? Well this is not one of those.  It is, however, awesome

This is super adorable video for a good cause.  And I've probably watched it 10 times today.  Also, is it a bad sign that these kids who are learning English can pronounce a word I can't and English is my first language?

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