Monday, May 14, 2012

The Lessons Dragons Teach Us.

Metric Jenn

Yeah, I'm a dragon. What of it?

Hi. MetricJenn in the hizzzzle. I have been reading so much about dragons lately (it's this damn Game of Thrones obsession) that I feel the need to share the love. Or at the very least share some fisting. 

Yes, you all heard right: share the fisting. Which you will understand through the tears of laughter after reading this gem from Dan O'Brien. (Cracked)

Confession time: I'm a giant World of Warcraft nerd. No word of a lie. And here is some fan art that makes me wish I had even a modicum of talent. (Blizzard Entertainment)
Ok, enough about dragons. I promise to not mention that there's an actual scientific name for it (*ahem* Draconologie) - so here is Maru, fouffie cat about town. (Maru)

I don't know how many of you listen to podcasts, but here is my absolute favourite - the entire archive of This American Life - I cannot tell you how much I've learned from these casts; and so much diverse subject matters. (This American Life

This is a picture of...someone...I don't know I'm old and don't feel like googling her. Anyways, her name is Anja Rubik. She looks semi-well fed for a celebrity (?), but the angle of this picture and the bad pose make for a disturbing post. (Buzzfeed)

I lived in South Korea for 2 years. It was honestly some of the best/craziest years of my life. I've also contributed many a picture to this site. (Engrish)

So, I love drinking. And so does this other Jen, obviously. Because she has blessed us with SO MANY cocktail recipes. (A Year of Cocktails) it's not dragons, per se. It's some just fantastic Game of Thrones gifs. I absolutely confess to just being completely in love with Jagen H'ghar and Gendry. Nobody else can touch them! NOBODY. (Game of Thrones)

Lastly, here is where I leave you with some earworms that have been in my head for weeks. They've been driving me mad. The result? You all share in my pain.


Enjoy my weakness for slavic pop.

And then there's the Japanese Alternative that I'm still fond of.


  1. SUGAR WATER! I was so upset when the first Buffy soundtrack did not include that song, because I can't hear it without watching Buffy bitchy/sexy dance with Xander. That scene is great.

  2. ISN'T IT?!?
    I was actually re-watching season 1 and it got stuck in my brains. Yeah, I've got more than 1 brain!

  3. DERP...I mean season 2, since that was the season premiere.