Thursday, May 3, 2012

I just want to bring you joy (mostly)


Hoo boy! It's been a great week, right? Well, I'm here to keep it going strong (and then maybe ruin it briefly) with links you'll love as much as Ron Swanson love sausage.  Get it?  Because links are a kind of sausage?  And Ron Swanson loves breakfast food? And...and...nevermind

Perhaps inspired by The Avengers, the secret super villain that has foiled us all for so many years comes clean.  Its (gasp!) the guy who made snack bags so hard to open (Gizmodo)

Tech stuff mostly mystifies me so I am super impressed by folks who get it.  I’m also super unimpressed by the number of dudes that  have said something along the lines of “well you’re a girl, of course you don’t get computers” After reading this awesome infographic I’m excited to have this fun, colorful  (and inspiring) rejoinder to that  argument.  Take that shitty guys (Women Who Tech)

I like you guys and I want you to be happy, so I dug down and got you the best gift ever, its  a GIF of 13-year Drake dancing at  his Bar-Mitzvah and it may be the cure for depression (Trendy Black Guy)

Its almost Prom time again, meaning its time for teens to dress in creepy taffeta monstrosities.  I mean pretty, pretty dresses.  Nope, I was right the first time (Divine Caroline)

Remember in high school when a jock dude would secretly have a crush on someone he wasn't supposed to so he would date someone he wasn’t really into, but constantly talk about how “gross” the person he actually had a crush on was?  Remind you of any particular political subculture? (Raw Story)

Speaking of crushes, Ron Swanson may be the #1 crush of women and men across North America.  He’s like James Bond, women want him and men want to be him (or be with his, let’s not be so binary).  Well everyone, Nick Offerman, the man who IS Ron Swanson has some advice on how to be as great as him, and it’s pretty delightful (Uproxx)

Ron Swanson, right?  Now that we’ve seen future proof of how awesome Swanson/Offerman is, how about a digestif of the best Swanson gifs? Yeah, I thought so (Funny or Die)

Well, now that I have you all happy and feeling great, how about I pull the rug right out from under you with some Kitchen Injuries that will haunt your dreams? (LA Weekly)

Its okay, you’re safe now.  Eeps, suddenly never want to eat again huh? I know what will help you forget your sads! How about some Baby Animals with their Moms? (The FW)

You know how around Mother’s Day a bunch of articles are published that kind of guilt you about not being closer with your family and they’re really cloying and gross?  Well sometimes there’s a simple, beautiful article about losing touch with your family that just makes you want to be a better person.  And here it is (The Gloss)

I love the internet and I love history.  This article is like a Venn diagram of me (The Awl)

I sure do like New Yorker covers, but sometimes I wonder about the ones that didn’t make it.  Well there’s a new book with a bunch of them and here’s a preview (Blown Covers)

Miss 80s classic "Perfect Strangers"? Love video games? I am about to make your day, nay, make your life (NGSMN)

Since I know you all loved seeing baby Drake cut a rug at his Bar Mitzvah, check out his Bar Mansvah (I just invented that).  Also, anyone else want to start crashing Bar Mitzvahs?

Speaking of mitzvahs, whomever did this performed a great mitzvah (act of kindness) because this is awesome

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