Monday, May 21, 2012

I Hate Ken Jeong - Yeah, I Said It.

Metric Jenn

Annyong, all! I've been reminiscing and going through old souvenirs from lifetimes ago, and I've also been thinking a lot about food. After living in South Korea, I lost a TONNE of weight. I think it was mostly due to the food. It was delicious, and also incredibly this week's link are going to start off with some food-stuffs.

What kind of Korean food did I enjoy? Pretty much everything on this list. (Listverse)

Aside from Hello Kitty, there was also Super Panda and Happy Virus to amuse me and small children to no end. (Oh My So Cute)

Speaking of cats. I hate them. And their owners are weird as whuuuuut! They dress them up...and put them in ...wigs. (Kitty Wigs)

So apparently today is Asian Links Awareness Day, because I delighted in reading about this forest in Japan called Aokigahara that is a magnet for people committing suicide. Coooooool! (Wikipedia)

Speaking of trees, did you know about Tree Hotels - they're prominent in Sweden and Canada? No, I'm being totally serious. Tree Hotels. (Treehotel)

Ok, so now on to random randomness because I look up the most ridiculous things that cross my mind. Did you know that a grouping of monkeys is called a BARREL? Hilarious. (San Diego Zoo)

Look, it's not like I despise Kristen Stewart, but some of the stuff she wears...Ugh. Judge for yourselves. (ICYDK)

Do you stop for hitch-hikers? I just may now, in case it's John Freaking Waters! (dlisted)

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with everyone, because they all annoy me so much. I mean, there's nothing wrong with me, so it must be the rest of you. Take these psych tests to find out, ok? (Psychcentral)

Careful, 'Merica, the threat to your country isn't The Gays getting to marry; it's Powerpoint. (NY Times)

This is an older news item, but it still...dude, dispose of your semen in a better way. (Huffington Post)

That's the end of today's links-list! Let's round it all off with one tribute to awesomeness:


No for reals, I love them.


  1. I love kim chi and bibimbap! Especially if the bibimbap is served in a sizzling stone bowl, which then makes the rice crispy. And jap chae is delicious. Mmm. Korean food.

  2. Now I want Jenn to take me to a Korean restaurant and teach me what to eat. DROOOOOL!