Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Pinky McLadybits

I found this Cracked list to be more than funny. I found it to be adorable while also making me feel like I haven't really made my obsessions work for me. I'm still not married to John Krasinski, if you'll notice! (Cracked)

Of course there is a site dedicated to old school gaming trivia! If you think you're a hardcore gamer of the days of yore, think again. (Did You Know Gaming via Neatorama)

By now you have probably seen the touching farewell given to Kristen Wiig by Saturday Night Live. It was really sweet! Here are the Top 5 SNL Departures. (BuzzFeed)

I never really stop to think about the types of things that are fossilized. I always thought only bones and the occasional mosquito trapped in amber were the only things found while digging for fossils. So an ink sac? With soft ink still instead? That blows my little mind with awesome. (National Geographic)

More sciencing? Okay. Can humans hibernate? Based on the sleeping patterns of men in my family working the midnight shift I would say YES. (Popsci)

I may be the only person that feels this way, but I hate the Olympics. I'll watch if I have to, but the events bore the ever-living crap out of me and I feel like the judges are more biased than Fox News. Though these events are weird, I don't think they would hold my attention ei....SQUIRREL! (How Stuff Works)

It's National Bike Month! Sorry I'm just now telling you. You still have a few days to, uh, celebrate? (Treehugger)

This made me giggle. I know a lot of people giving birth to gorgeous babies here lately and most of them have doggies. Elderly dogs and babies: Can they ever be buddies?? (The Hairpin)

Marriage is so fragile, like a spider's web that holds all the morals and acceptable displays of affection in the world. And like that magical web, it is easily destroyed by same-sex marriage and Facebook. Although, as I understand it, infidelity perpetrated by heterosexual white males only serves to make it stronger! (Smart Money via The Gloss)

This tumblr is full of our childhood superhero dreams. And photos of us in superhero costumes. Of course. (Growing Up Heroes)

A beagle and a boar piglet playing. EEEEEE! (Tastefully Offensive)

WHY ARE THESE ASSHOLES CHEERING? I mean, the Star Wars universe is not free of embarrassment, I know. BUT THIS?!!?

I am extremely excited for the new Anchorman movie. You should be too!

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