Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Husband Won't Let Me Deadpool The Car. Dead Mice Would Never Fly.

Pinky McLadybits

Our own MetricJenn recently realized that Murder She Wrote is available on Canadiastani Netflix. So our pal Jay pointed her to something relevant to her interests. (Fuck Yeah, Murder She Wrote!)

Nerdy enough for you? Well, Jay also led us to these tasty treats. PIZZA IS COMING! (That's Nerdalicious)

Whenever I have to think of a fake name, I just steal Mrs. Chanandaler Bong. It sounds fancy and naughty at the same time. Just like Chandler dancing on things. (Chandler Dancing On Things)

I've never seen Titanic and I never plan to. Courtney Enlow's real-time-review was good enough for me. Would I see Titanic if someone like George Lucas or J.J. Abrams or Michael Bay had made it? NO. But it is still fun to imagine what they would have ruined done! (io9)

Apparently the government built a base under Greenland during the cold war. Check out the amazing and sort of terrifying details. (Defense Tech)

After that I think we should move on to something terrifying in a different way. Terrible hair styles in movies! (Hair Loss Geeks)

Bodily fluids. We have them but we rarely think about anything but the big three: Blood, sweat, semen. Or tears. Maybe that's the third. Anyway, here are some other precious bodily fluids! (mental floss)

The Bloggess has a book. Oprah's magazine gave the book a good review. What did The Bloggess purchase to celebrate? If you guessed ethically taxidermied mice, then you probably already read this, CHEATER. (The Bloggess)

If you guess the shows on this list, then you just have good common sense. But I refuse to believe that keeping the kids of Bayside in high school would have made them any better. DID WE LEARN NOTHING FROM THEIR EXPERIMENT WITH AN EVER-CHANGING CAST OF NEW ZACKS AND KELLYS?!?! (Pajiba)

Sara Habein is a wonderful writer (check out her book INFINITE DISPOSABLE). Here she shares how her husband and son perceive the world differently, through colors and shapes that accompany every sound. (Persephone Magazine)

Sequence photography is amazing and these prove it can be beautiful as well. People make funny faces when they jump. (TFW)

Rube Goldberg machines are awesome. They make for great Mythbusters Christmas Specials and OkGo videos. Here is the world's largest Rube Goldberg machine in action!

Jenna Marbles wants to explain diets to us. She's great. And NSFW.

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