Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let's Play Doubles: Television's Sexiest Couples

Buffy and Angel: "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

Do I really need to explain this to You People? Fine. A man who has been through hell, literally at one point, finds his way to a young woman who is just starting out on her journey in life. There are complications because of who she is and who he is, just like Romeo and Juliet. Only with less family interference and more destiny. The man is a vampire with a soul and the woman is a vampire slayer. Whatevs. Buffy and Angel mesh together like a vampire and woman should. She can kick his ass. He only tries to kick her ass when his soul goes missing, but hey, no one is perfect. He tries to help her and their world is one neither of them chose to share through choice, but they make the best of what they have. Though flawed, no one can deny that seeing Buffy and Angel together is something sexy, sweet, and tragically imperfect. - Pinky

Leslie and Ben: "Parks And Recreation"

Fine, fine, they may not be the *sexiest* people in the world, but their pairing certainly makes for the sweetest, most exciting couple I've ever seen on TV. I think it's because there's just something great about a couple that is so flat-out perfect for each other that you can't help but root for them. And they have so much chemistry, which results in oodles of geeky, nerdy, adorable love. They're, by far, the most perfect couple on TV right now, as far as this geek is concerned. Plus, Adam Scott is just incredibly sexy. - Figgy

Jane and Brad: "Happy Endings"

Brad and Jane are both attractive people, but that's not what got them on this list. What really makes the two of them sexy is not their embrace of one another's physical characteristics, but how completely and totally they love the parts of each other that are unlovable. Janes a seriously type A anal retentive freak on the line of OCD. Brad finds this adorable. Brad is heavily metrosexual and apparently into being the submissive of the couple. Jane accepts his accidental dress wearing ways and make sure that all the house rules are firmly in place for both their comfort. Both of these people would be terrible with anyone else, and yet together they're perfect, passionate, and not a little bit sexy. it's easy to love someone for all the ways they're perfect, Brad and Jane show us that loving someone for all the ways they're not may be difficult but is also incredibly hot. - Genny

Tami and Eric Taylor: "Friday Night Lights"

Eric and Tami Taylor are hands-down the sexiest tv couple, y'all. First of all, look at them - that is one gorgeous couple. But they're also deeply committed to one another and their family, devoted to their community, and smart, strong, and capable of handling anything that comes their way - be it shake-ups at work or rebellious teenage daughters. At the end of the day, all that matters is their love for one another. Their sexy, sexy love... did I mention they're both freaking gorgeous?!? - Mel Biv Devoe

Jaime and Cersei Lannister: "Game of Thrones"

What? You think just because they're twin brother and sister that it's any less sexy to see their interactions? Think about the family dynamics that led to their sexual relationship. Talk about messed up. However, I would never doubt the devotion of this incestuous relationship which produced three children, one who is now King of the Seven Kingdoms. They suit each other, as well, in both cunning and cold-heartedness towards anyone who is not a Lannister. They protect each other without hesitation. Case in point? Jaime's cool as a cucumber statement "The things I do for love." before throwing Bran Stark from a tower window. The attempted murder of a small child to protect their secret is proof positive that they would do anything for one another. I can only hope to find someone who would do something like that for me. That's right fellas. To win my heart, you have to murder a small child. - MetricJenn


  1. "I would never doubt the devotion of this incestuous relationship"


  2. Heh heh- Say what you want - but that shit is CRAY-HOT!

  3. I always wondered why you're single, since you're so wonderful. Now I'm kind of glad you are. Damn, girl.