Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jeff Goldblum Does a Happy Jig and I Feel Fine

Mel Biv Devoe

Seriously.  I'm just going to watch him dance all day.

But if that's not enough for you, I've also found
some other interesting stuff.  So go peruse.  I'll just be sitting here, watching Goldblum get down.

Thinking about checking out "Fifty Shades of Grey"?  Vulture has a quick review here - they recommend you spend your time looking for REAL porn instead.  (Vulture)

In this enlightening interview with Martha Plimpton, she reveals her thoughts on a "Goonies" sequel, as  well as a rather odd memento of Elvis Costello that she owns.  (AV Club)

Need help saving money?  Mark on BoingBoing has rounded up some excellent apps for your smartphone that will keep you in the red.  (BoingBoing)

Is your beloved pet getting a little too chubby to climb the stairs? Don't worry, this pet insurance company has you (and them) covered.  (HuffingtonPost)

Over on Salon, Joan Walsh has a very thoughtful piece on what's at heart of all the debate over contraception lately.  It's a bit long, but worth your time.  (Salon)

Most directors ignore when fans nitpick their movies.  But when Neil deGrasse Tyson complains, you listen.  (Gawker)

Time has listed their All-TIME 100 Fashion Idols.  I recognize maybe 2/3 of the names on this list, but perhaps you'll find it more edifying.  (Time)

Do a little too much partying last night?  Here are 10 tips on how to reduce eye puffiness.  (FitSugar)

First I read about "push presents," now comes this story about "divorce rings."  Boy, some companies will promote anything to get you to spend money,  even devastating relationship changes.   (Yahoo)

Kate Winslet would really love it if everyone would stop playing "My Heart Will Go On" for her, pleaseandthankyou.  I hear you on that one, Kate.  (Evil Beet)

Ashton Kutcher acted like an asshole at the Academy of Country Music Awards?  Why, I am shocked!  Shocked am I!  (Celebitchy)

And here I thought my cats were crazy.  At least they've never attempted to exit a room like the villain in some action movie.  (NY Daily News)

Mary J. Blige did a commercial for Burger King and the internet said "Whatthefuck?"  Looks like it's been taken down on most sites, so hopefully this will still be a working video! 

And lastly, here is every killing from "Game of Thrones."  Enjoy.

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