Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello Hot Inkers! We have great news! For us!

We've decided to take a short holiday and decompress after a 6-month fever pitch run, with over 600+ articles published by more than 18 writers, in a scheduling and content production festival of awesomeness!

We love you for reading, coming back, and bringing in your friends daily - you're the best! We can't tell you how much you guys rock and how fun it is to write for you, share our best and worst buys, and have a safe space where we can talk about current events and the extraordinary levels of human hotness we're seeing all around us.

We'll be back May 1st with our hair all done up in cornrows, sunburnt skin, our nails all fly, and much more chill. We have some exciting new ideas to roll around in our over-Mojitoed minds as we sit on our asses being lazy and happy.

See you soon - and you can always write to us here in the comments or check in on facebook if you'd like to share your thoughts.

It'll go by before you know it.

xoxo, Hot Ink.

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