Thursday, April 12, 2012

(The Day Before) Friday, Friday...


Nothing like a reference to a weird internet joke from a year ago to get the party started. Woooooot!

Well let's show, um, me from a sentence ago and get that party started anyways.  Hopefully your parties mostly have to do with weird grab bags of internet stuff.  They do? Excellent!

I doubt I'm the only one who wants to murder loud people at the movie theatre.  In fact, I know I'm not because the maker of this video does too

You tell 'em, delightfully cranky British teen.

Speaking of cranky British youth, I am completely charmed by this particular crank and his series of videos of himself reading Twilight.  If you have a kid brother, I almost guarantee he was said almost the exact same things with the same huge eye rolls.  Its pretty charming

Some people are just smarter and better then the rest of us.  I think someone who anyone who can find ways to make flights fun is automatically in that category.  The person who can turn that idea into art bypasses smarter and goes right to total genius (laughingsquid)

Got spring fever but find that only nerdy guys are making you feel feverish?  Well nerd guys are often hard to read.  Here's an article that attempts to give you a rosetta stone.  Its a rosetta stone that I don't completely agree with, but it does have some good advice (Dr Nerdlove)

This is what happens when nerds mate.  But is this adorable or terrifying? (Geekologie)

In the ridiculous and/or amazing category, its text messages from a ghost (The Hairpin) 

Hair has so many cultural meanings that I, as a white person, often forget.  Here’s a great article on dreadlocks written for a teen and tween audience.  Its also a great read for grown ups (Rookie)

I would gladly listen to Stephen Fry talk about anything, so its great to hear him talk about everything (Science Dump)

I miss mixtapes and I LOVE the internet.  If only those two things could be brought together (mixtape)

PARK LIKES THIS TUMBLR SITE OF OLD PEOPLE MISUNDERSTANDING FACEBOOK.  Yes, I know I'm yelling, I'm trying to be funny on that net you young people like so much

Life is just a barrel of monkeys, and sometimes art imitates life (My Modern Met)

Did Las Vegas find a cure for the hangover? In bus form? (As a person who has had a hangover in a bus this seems like a bad idea (Channel 3000)

(Hopefully) This is the last chance we'll ever get to make fun of Rick Santorum, so let's look at the best we've had in these last horrifying months (Huffington Post Comedy)

Here's a list of the most banned books, better known as the list of your kid's favorite books (Daily Mail)

I don't quite know if I understand what Fawn Inc is, but it just launched, and looks like it has real potential as a chance to see a bunch of well shot fashion journalism videos on youtube 

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