Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can't Think, Cuteness Has Melted My Brain


I can't even think clearly enough right now to write anything, because that photo of Baby Goose and that puppy is so ridiculously adorable. I need a minute.

Oh, forget it, just enjoy the links while I sit and giggle at the expressions on their faces.

Wondrous internet, you have blessed us with your endless bounty of Ryan Gosling memes.  In case you missed them, The Daily Beast has rounded up the 10 Best Gosling memes.  (The Daily Beast)

Want to travel the world but can't afford lodging?  Have you thought about couch surfing? (New Yorker)

Or if you want something a little less weird, try visiting one of America's Wackiest Museums.  (Yahoo)

One newly pregnant woman discusses her act of "rebellion" - an attempt to keep her identity as she enters motherhood.  (Salon)

It's easy to see why Vulture thinks Taran Killam is "SNL's Next Big Thing."  I mean, have you seen his Robyn video?  (Vulture)

Speaking of Robyn, she's taking part in a Global Photo Project that could use your help.  Says the founder of the project, "Sending a message to the future is immensely important. We don't want to send just Paris Hilton to the future."  Amen!  (A

And here I thought college debt was bad enough.  Now people are taking out loans for their children to attend kindergarten - to the tune of $40,000!!  (BoingBoing)

Guess which recently adapted-for-the-big-screen novel is climbing the Most-Challenged Books list? (Slate)

Celebuzz has a list of comebacks they'd like to see this year.  I can't help but think someone's been taking crazy pills over there - The X-Files?  Didn't they have several crappy movies already?  The Breakfast Club as a remake?!? OH HELL NO!! (Celebuzz)

I love a good mash-up.  Sherlock + Smaug = fantastic fan art of Benedict Cumberbatch.  (io9)

Ever visit an Ikea and think, "I could live here?"  Well, you might be able to live in an entire Ikea-run neighborhood someday!  (The Globe and Mail)

Here's a combination that I never would've thought up, but it works surprisingly well: Jay-Z and Flight of the Conchords.

This last video should be made into a PSA - "Don't Text and Walk.  You never know who or what you might run into..."


  1. Thanks for posting that Salon article! I won't be pregnant any time soon (hopefully), but somehow between that piece and the things that have been posted on Pajiba recently, I'm actually feeling better about the possibility of having a child some day. Until about three weeks ago I'd never read what I would consider to be an honest account of pregnancy, and as much as articles like these kind of terrify me, they also remind me that lots of smart, awesome women who are willing to share their experiences. Hopefully by the time I'm thinking about having a child entire internet forums of these women will be there to lament the lose of booze in their life and keep me entertained.

    Also something about feminism? I'm pretty sleep deprived.

  2. It's refreshing to read honest articles like that, isn't it? Helps prepare you for the insanity to come!