Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Better than Pinching Your Cheeks Like Cher in Mermaids: Benefit Dandelion Face Brightening Powder


Blush can be a tricky thing for a fair-skinned lady. Without it, you might look a little bit like the undead, as I do. With the wrong shade, you look like you are auditioning for a part as a Little Toy Soldier in The Nutcracker Suite. So when it comes to finding the right shade of blush, I proceed with caution.

Currently in my drawer I have five blushes: one that makes me look gray, one that makes me look like an overripe peach, one that looks like I smeared chocolate on my face, one that does NOTHING but sparkle (so it makes me look like a Twilight vampire [dammit, MetricJenn, stop trying to rub up on me]), and one that is perfect. Totally perfect with my fair skin. 

Benefit Dandelion Face Brightening Powder wins the fair day goose. It is a very light shell pink that blends beautifully with my natural coloring. Like a lot of fair-skinned ladies with red undertones in my hair, my skin tends to bring out the pink in a lot of cosmetics. For me that means that foundation powders, blushes, lip glosses, and lipsticks will eventually turn pink on me if there is too much pink pigment underlying the top color. So you would think that a blush that is entirely pink would look horrible on my sin. Amazingly, it doesn't. It makes me look like I have actual dimension and color in my face, rather than making me look like I applied slap in the dark to cover a three-day bender.

I received the powder as a sample (I think) from Sephora. Honestly, I order and buy so much stuff from them that I have no idea when I got it, whether it was in one of those 500-point Beauty Insider gifts, or if it was a deluxe size sample.When I initially opened the box, I gave it the side-eye. I was really skeptical about applying a light pink powder to my face. But, I was verging on desperate since I struck out with the other four blushes that I mentioned earlier. Bracing for disaster, I swirled a clean blush brush on the powder cake and gently swiped it on my cheek. And then I might have uttered "Yay!" in my bathroom when I saw that the color was perfect. Since then, this is the only blush I use, whether I'm just running to the store or going out with my husband.

And now for the tentacles: I give the Benefit Dandelion Face Brightening Powder a 7/8 tentacles. Why am I docking one tentacle? The box that contains the little powder has a magnet in it. Seriously, I hate when purses, cosmetic cases, and other items I might carry with me have magnets. Electronics, such as my iPhone, do not play well with magnets. Other than that, I have no complaints about this powder. Go get you some!

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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