Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today is brought to you by the letter K...anye



Today I've decided to do something a little different with the links.

Kanye West is my favorite famous person.  Most famous people are content to just put out amazing albums and have a ridiculous house and leave it at that.  Maybe they occasionally say something dumb that the 3 squa-zillion (yes, I'm very scientific) blogs and tv shows about celebrities can talk about for a week or so.   Sometimes they put out a lifestyle website and sometimes its over the top and kind of hilarious. (Goop, buzzfeed) But mostly, it just has tips and some of those tips are pretty decent...booooooooring.

Well Kanye West is not boring.  The man's like a walking art project.  You like that crazy thing a celebrity said?  Kanye tweeted 4 crazier things in the last hour (well, not lately...come back Kanye).  You like design?  Kanye likes it so much he's going to talk to you about it in ALL CAPS.  He's going to reference Jean-Michele Basquait and True Romance in the same song.  He's going to design a women's wear collection and release an epic 30 minute music video that seemed to take Wings of Desire, Free to be you and Me, and some weird Japanese movie you haven't seen and put them in a Hype Williams blender.

Unlike so many celebrities that are just kind of around.  Or are doing whatever they can to hold on to fame, Kanye just IS.  He's a giant, weird, nerdy ball of fame and no matter what you think of him, he's been entertaining the whole world for years.  The man has earned every single dollar he has and I can't wait to see what he does next.

A man so big is also bound to inspire some amazing things.  Its been years since the "Gonna let you finish" meme.  Thankfully something else has emerged today that leaves everything else in the dust (at least nerd-wise)

Before we get to the newest Kanye magic, lets all get prepared by having a party.  Don't worry, I'll help you plan...

Here's a place where you can have a little piece of Kanye's tweets of your very own, in magnet form.  How impressed will your guests be at your next dinner party? If they're me, very! (etsy)

Or how about the embroidered version for your bathroom? (Craftster)

What would you serve at this party?  Well this might help (tumblr)

And of course, why not score this fictional party with the classic Josh Groban sings Kanye West tweets:

Is playing Kanye's own music at a party for him in bad taste?  Let's hear from one of my favoritest dudes around Aziz Ansari.  
Did you like that? Of course you did.  Why not buy Aziz's album for only $5?

There is basically an entire craft and humour industry that has sprung up around Kanye (also, my new Kanye-themed party planning company).  

Hey board games designers, you should get in on the Kanye train too.  You could make millions.  Think I'm being ridiculous?  Have you seen this:

Oh, did I mention he's a fashion designer?  Yep, and despite the fact that his first collection was roundly slammed (way too gleefully if you ask me) he came back and then just decided to ban the critics from the show (New York Times)

What do you think of the collection? (Huffington Post) 

Did you like that? Do you want to bring a little West to your style?  This may help (Dress Like Kanye West)

How about Kanye approved make-up? 

Well now that you're style has been upped, your house has been fixed and your make-up has been kicked up a notch, I think you're ready for today's adventures in Kanye.

A few months ago West announced DONDA, a new company design company that was going to...well, it was unclear.  It was going to kind of do everything and just generally make the world a better place. (Gizmodo, BlackWeb2.0)

A few days ago WHODAT, "the facebook of websites" was announced as DONDA's first project.  Or was it? wasn't (Huffington Post)

But man, what a funny trip down the rabbit hole it was  (Gizmodo)

Yes, Kanye's image is so huge now that his company releasing something that is just about finding our who created websites seems probable.  Heck, at this point I would have believed it if he said he programmed it himself.  That man is either the coolest, most hard-working nerd ever or he's a Terminator.  And if Terminators are like Kanye, bring it Sky-net.  Yes, I am willing to be ruled by robot overlords if they're as ridiculous and fun as that man.  That is the stylish-nerd magic of Kanye!

And now, I will leave you on this, the ultimate Venn diagram of Kanye-ness meeting nerdness:

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