Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat: You Really Had A Hold On Me

Pinky McLadybits

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I've had some troubles with nail polishes lately. They haven't been drying. They've chipped minutes after finishing a tedious session of base coat, two coats of polish, and then a top coat, with about an hour's worth of application and drying. They've squished up, ripped, and been generally terrible. I had almost given up on nail polish, my lovely friend and pick-me-up.

I decided to try one of the nail products that were supposed to dry nails faster. They all claim to dry the nails within seconds or minutes. I decided to go with the Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat.

I decided to forgo the base coat to test out the drying speed. I'm very busy watching the terrible, horrible, hilarious Quarantine 2, you know. Anyway, I decided to use my Zoya Cynthia polish for this test. It is a dark greenish blue, if you're interested. (Of course you're interested!) 

I carefully applied enough polish to approximate two coats. Then I let the polish sit for about a minute. Then I added a light coat of the Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat and let it dry for 30 seconds. And you know what? It worked. I left a light print on that first test, so I let it dry for about a minute or so more. I didn't have any problems after that. Washed my hands, used the bathroom, typing, etc. It worked. My nails were dry. WHA?!?!

I decided to try my China Glaze in First Mate and my Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Gunmetal to be sure that this wasn't a fluke. It wasn't. It worked on both of those polishes and dried so very quickly. I am in awe! This is amazing since it works and especially because it doesn't stink! I didn't detect any smell. BONUS! Though the price is around $6, I would pay it again in a minute. If you're having problems with your nails drying and being basically terrible, buy this!

Alas, you will still have chipping the next day if you dare to shower. Perhaps a base coat or something would have helped it last longer, but I don't know. In one day I dropped it from a Perfect 8 to a meh-ish 5.

Rating: 5/8 tentacles

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