Thursday, March 29, 2012

Redken Fresh Curls: Fresh Hell.

Metric Jenn

After going to the salon last year in Ottawa, I was enchanted with my hair colour and style. It was bouncy! Healthy! My's been almost 20 months since I got my hair cut! I should just shave my head! EXCLAMATIONS!!!

Anyhow, the woman did such an amazing job, that I wanted to treat my hair right, to maintain this fabulousness as long as humanly possible. This time, I thought, I'm doing it RIGHT. So when the stylist suggested a product called Redken - both shampoo and conditionner at 26$ each, I willingly forked over the cash. That's right, 52$. Because I have a real knack for throwing money down the drain. Literally. Watching the suds (or lack thereof - but I'll get to that) slip down the drain was like watching my dolla billz find their way to the sewers.

So what kind of hair product combination did I use on my hair? Redken Fresh Curls boasts the ability to "bring out the in curls. FRESH CURLS is specially formulated for people who love their curls and want to show them off with perfection." Well, I do love my curls. I want them to look good. I was sick of putting my hair in a messy bun to go to work. Fresh Curls seemed like it could help, as it has "coconut oil to soften and smooth, calcium to stabilize and refine curl shape, and honey to moisturize." Brilliant. I needed all these things. Plus, with natural-ish ingredients, I was sure that Redken was my new miracle-cure to shitty hair.

The time for my first hair wash came and I was beside myself with anticipation (yeah, my life is that boring). I followed my hairdresser's advice and used only a quarter-sized dollop of shampoo. It completely failed to lather up and my enthusiasm waned. I splooged more shampoo into my hand and tried not to think of how I just used 4$ of a 26$ bottle in one go. I finally kind of washed my hair. Then I splooped some conditioner on my head and started swearing. Why the fuck do I CONTINUOUSLY get suckered in to spending retarded amounts of money? Ugh - whatever. The conditioner was just as underwhelming. And I ended up using around 6$ of that 26$ bottle - which, sidebar, does that happen to EVERYONE? Where you end up using up the conditioner first?

Suffice it to say that I ended up using the product in under 2 weeks, to very horrid results. My hair (especially at the roots), was stringy, the curls were not any more defined than usual, and for the sheer volume of crap I had to use each time, this was the WORST purchase ever. I suppose I could say one nice thing about Fresh Curls: It had a nice smell. FOR ME TO POOP ON.

Final verdict: Like you need to guess at this point...ZERO TENTACLES. Of course this product gets inked. 52$??? And just...AWFUL HAIR?? Thanks for nothing, Redken. I hope you choke on my 52$.

Rating: 0/8 tentacles


  1. Their shampoo isn't great, I had the same problem with it basically just giving me limp hair, but I absolutely adore their Curl Force spray (#17). Also, $52?? That's just more evidence you need to move to the U.S.!

  2. Heh heh - limp.

    But yes, I hate this brand. They have made an enemy for life!