Friday, March 9, 2012

Philosophy 3-In-1 Gingerbread Girl: TREAT YO SELF!

Pinky McLadybits

I haven't had one of Philosophy's 3-in-1's since high school or right after. It always seemed like such a luxury that I shouldn't have since I was a stay at home mom. Which is bullshit. (Ladies, do not feel bad about how you spend your time as a stay at home mom as long as your house doesn't look like it belongs on Hoarders and your kids and husband are healthy and relatively happy. TREAT YO SELF).

Ahem. Still, while perusing the Philosophy After Christmas Sale and purchasing gifts for others (yes, already!), I couldn't pass up the chance to grab my very own Gingerbread Girl 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel,  and Bubble Bath at a very reduced price. Inexpensive pampering is still pampering and still a treat. For real.

I may have (definitely) giggled and hopped around with glee when the Philosophy box was delivered, filled with gifts for others and a treat for me. The first thing I did was pop the top open on the Gingerbread Girl and take a sniff. It was lightly gingerbread scented and NOT AT ALL PLASTIC-STINKING, FIGGY. Ahem. To each her own, though. I guess. Even if her own is so desperately wrong.

It smelled like pampering HEAVEN in that bottle, with the adorable gingerbread girl on the label and the glittering contents. For a moment I was afraid that I would emerge from the shower, smelling faintly of gingerbread and glowing a sparkling orange like LiLo after a spray tan and a session of bump n' grind on a glittering crack dealer, but I shouldn't have feared. If there is a shimmer to the gel, it is very light and the orange-brown color stays in the bottle only. 

It doesn't take very much to get the amount needed to lather up and get my body washed properly. I haven't washed my hair with the Gingerbread Girl because I'm also testing a new shampoo and conditioner. Plus, my hair is so thick that I worry that the amount of Gingerbread Girl I would need to use to get it clean would deplete the bottle too quickly. So that's my hangup, but a person with shorter hair or hair that isn't as thick shouldn't have a problem. I don't take bubble baths, but I'd say it would work quite well in that capacity too. I think I should treat myself more often, actually. Thanks, Philosophy!

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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  1. I haven't smelled this one yet, SO DON'T YOU JUDGE ME, GINGER.