Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Spray: Lazy Girl's Best Friend!

Pinky McLadybits

Is there a law that says dry shampoo sprays have to smell like concentrated ass? Is there a reason they all smell like they're seeking out brain cells to terrorize? If I knew anyone that huffed, I would expect them to steal the tiny can of Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, attempt to huff it, and become immediately catatonic because it smells so very, very bad. 

So there's that. Which is not good.

I scored the tiny, 1.4 ounce can with rewards points from Ulta. As you know, my foray into the inexpensive dry shampoo, Salon Grafix, did not go well. It stunk too and, even worse, didn't work. So I used my reward to get this little can.
Luckily, it works.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray does stink, though not nearly as much as the Salon Grafix. YOu definitely need some ventilation before spraying this stuff on your head. I swear, I really need to look into some more environmentally sound and less stench-filled ways of being lazy about washing my hair. Except, you know, The Lazy gets in the way!

Just like with the other dry shampoos, you spray the roots of your hair to combat the excess oils that make your hair look flat and gross and crack whore-y. I tend to spray the part in my hair, near my bangs, and then I spray my scalp in a couple of sections of hair that I lift in the back. Then I brush. Sometimes this dissipates all of the white powder left by the Oscar Blandi. Most times it doesn't. This is when I am required to use my fingers to lightly sort of tousle and spread the residue where it is needed.

My hair feels better after using the Oscar Blandi than it did after using the Salon Grafix. That's not to say it doesn't sometimes feel a tidge odd, but it doesn't feel like I used Movie Theater "Butter" to moisturize my scalp. My hair immediately looks non-greasy after use, which is the whole point. No one touches my hair but me, so who cares how it feels? It looks great! I am so very glad that the smell dissipates, because I could not walk around stinking like a cannonball blast of stench into the ozone layer. I do, however, spritz a bit of perfume behind my ears to combat any smells. Then, and only then, is my Whore's Bath complete. Thanks, Oscar Blandi!

The price and the stink subtract from the tentacles ($11 for 1.4 ounces), but not by much. It does work, and that is the point.

Rating: 6/8 tentacles


  1. I really want to try this but with my dark hair I wonder if the powder would leave a residue. What say you, Pinky?

  2. As long as you spray it, fluff it with your fingers, and then brush it out, it should be fine!