Friday, March 16, 2012

May The Luck (And Alcoholic Tolerance) Of The Irish Be With You!


We've got a two-fer of a pick me up for youse today.  Today is Friday! Yay!  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!  Yaaaaay!  And, try to contain your excitement, here are your Hot Links!  OH MY GOD I CAN'T EVEN TAKE IT.  Ahem, carry on.

St. Patrick's Day is the yearly celebration of the day before the worst hangover of your life.  Let's get the party started with some not at all puke-inducing green cocktails.  (Matador Network)

And after you tie on a feedbag of bad decisions, and then inevitably wake up promising the gods to never drink again, pamper your tummy with this (really delicious looking) Hangover Casserole.  (Chicago Tribune)

In honor of the yearly bracket frenzy inspired by March Madness, Bleacher Report gives us the Bracket...Bracket.  (Bleacher Report)

These photographs of our Sun will blow your mind.  I mean, I assume they will.  They blew mine, and I'm just arrogant enough to assume everyone see things the way I do.  But seriously, these are astonishing. (Discover Magazine)

This article on Bank of America (AKA Pure Evil Incorporated) will make stuffing your mattress with cash seem like a really keen idea.  (Rolling Stone)

On the list of horrible ways to go, suffocating under a pile of pinto beans has to fall somewhere between burning alive and being eaten by wolverines.  (MSNBC)

The next time you're at a fancy restaurant, impress your date with these tips for ordering wine.  Go ahead and save your stupidity for the dinner conversation. (Lifehacker)

Is there a more refreshing summer treat than a fruity popsicle?  Perhaps a fruity, alcoholic popsicle?  Hmmm? (Laughing Squid)

Here's everything you need to know about the New iPad.  For when you head out to buy me one. (Mashable)

These garage door posters are sure to be the talk of the cul de sac.  And probably the reason your neighbors won't make eye contact with you.  (WildAmmo)

As if life during the Middle Ages wasn't painful enough....(HowStuffWorks)

Check out these Ten Surprising Facts About American Muscle Cars.  #11 is what they do to my tender vittles.  Tingly.  (Popular Mechanics)

Just in time for trendy beach cover up season, here are a few tips for achieving the elusive flat tummy.  (FitSugar)

Everybody makes mistakes.  Here're how to handle them like a Hollywood icon.  Hint:  Swear.  A lot.

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