Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Lick Of The Irish: As In, We Want To Lick 'Em!

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy is a strikingly handsome Irish actor. His face is chiseled with amazingly sculpted cheekbones. His blue eyes seem to pierce you through the movie screen, creating an aura of intensity in all of his roles. And let's not forget his lips - just look at that luscious mouth! When those lips part and his natural Irish accent comes out - forget it, I'm a goner. - MelBivDevoe

Liam Neeson

I've had a massive crush on Liam Neeson for as long as I can remember. There's something about those sad eyes of his...and the fact that he's a giant with a crushingly sexy accent and holy jeebus, have you seen his nose and the size of his HANDS--um, where was I? Oh yeah, that all helps. He's also an incredible actor and seems like an all-around nice guy. Eternal crush, I think. - Figgy

Michael Fassbender

Yes, Michael Fassbender is German. BUT he is also Irish, thus making him eligible for this list. BOOM! LAWYERED! What can I say about Fassbender that hasn't already been said? From the first time I saw him in Inglorious Basterds I was smitten. Who was this man that spoke German but looked somewhat Irish and sounded like he was British? And what is under that uniform? We have all been privy to who he is and what is under that uniform. (Thank you, Interwebs Machine!) We've seen that rogue's grin, that evil twinkle in his eyes, and heard his own admission that he enjoys bedding the ladies because, well, why shouldn't he enjoy it while he can? Why not, indeed, FASSBENDER. Call me. - Pinky McLadybits

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan may not have been the best Bond but he always seemed like the most fun, an assessment I came to before ever seeing one of his campfest Bond films. There’s a twinkle in his eyes that more joyful than mischievous and has a smile that tells you he’s always up to laugh with you rather than at you. There’s a sense that he’s charming not as a means to an end, but because he enjoys actually charming people. Connery’s always out for #1 and Daniel Craig is more the stoic silent tortured type that’s wonderfully compelling on screen and deeply frustrating to actually deal with. There’s a lightness to his personality that’s also on display in the remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair that makes him seem like he’d give you a fantastic time even as you both knew you were being taken complete advantage of. I’m ok with that. And of course, he can wear the hell out of a suit. - Rusty

Chris O'Dowd

I can't believe that I even have to type anything for this guy. It's like you have no soul if you don't like him. He has a collection of over a thousand chocolate bar wrappers. He is a nice guy nerd hero for his depiction of Roy in the tv show The IT Crowd and officer Nathan Rhodes in Bridesmaids; but the real reason I absolutely love him is the goof-vibe he gives off. Like he's the kind of guy you could eat cereal out of frisbees with, or drop water balloons off of your balcony...or any number of random things that pop into your brain but you need that extra "Yeah, we totally need to do that!" voice when your personal voice of reason rears its ugly head. Also, the darling accent doesn't hurt. -Metric Jenn

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