Friday, March 23, 2012

I Got A Shellac Manicure: TRUE STORY

Pinky McLadybits

You may remember that Cindy absolutely HATED her experience with a Shellac Manicure. As you know, we here at Hot Ink understand that different things are liked by different people, sometimes the person providing a service makes all of the difference, and I like getting mah nails did.

I received a gift certificate to a salon that I had never been to before. It was for $20 toward a manicure. I fully expected to just get a normal manicure since this was a smaller place that lives in yard of a house. (It's legit. For real! It was legit! And so pretty!)

My manicurist asked if I would like a regular manicure or a shellac manicure for only $5 more. I excitedly chose to receive the shellac manicure. I believe I chose the shade Purple Purple, which is shimmery and looks blue and purple, sometimes at the same time. It looked amazing on the swatch and I had to have it.

My manicurist told me that should shape and file my nails and then apply one coat of the base, two coats of the color, and then the top coat. I would need to cure my hands in the little UV box. I was afraid that it would be quite warm, but I could barely feel any heat. In the time it took to apply a coat of the various components, my nails would be dry and ready for the next step. I only had to be careful putting my hands inside the UV box, as the manicurist said the nails would be a bit sticky and I could get a permanent piece of fuzz stuck on them.

As Cindy mentioned, my nails were roughed up to be sure that the color would adhere properly. I'm not too worried about that, as I have been doing that with the various nail strips I've tried out. Also, I won't be peeling or ripping this off, so there's that. So, my nails were shaped, my cuticles pushed back and then trimmed, and then she got to work roughing my nails. I washed the residue off and then the coats were applied. It didn't take any longer than a normal manicure and my nails were indeed dry as soon as the last coat was applied and cured.

I was still leery, whether from habit or just fear they were not actually done, and held my hands strangely. As one does after a manicure. However, I haven't had any chipping or peeling. I've showered, done laundry, used the bathroom, cleaned, shopped, attempted to slide credit cards from their too-tight slots in my wallet, opened, pop cans, washed my hands, and more. No chips. None. Time will tell how long this shellac manicure will last, but it has already outlasted the last several manicures I've had. That is reason enough to be in love with the shellac.

There was no smell with this manicure. Actually, it was less stinky than normal manicures. That made me pretty happy. The color is beautiful, the price is amazing for the time it lasts, and I would do it again. In fact, I may just go in for a new shellac manicure when this one starts to look bad and have the manicurist deal with the removal! I say go to a salon that is willing to give you the total price up front, one with a good reputation, and make them stick to their word.

Yesterday I cleaned the garage and broke off a piece of one of my nails. STILL NO CHIPPING OF THE POLISH.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles


  1. Wasn't Cindy's main complaint regarding the process of removing the polish? I think that's what turned her against that type of manicure. It will be interestings to see what you think when it comes time to take the polish off.

  2. I know that she just hated the experience, which I though encompassed the people at the salon and the removal process. I'll be removing the polish today, I think, since I accidentally sliced my finger and nail, breaking the surface and causing the polish to come off in one spot. However, even with a strip missing from one nail, the polish on the rest of the nail has remained with no chips.

  3. As a manicurist shellac can't be beat. It makes a significant difference in quality of the manicure if your tech doesn't apply the polish correctly. Roughing the nail plate shouldn't be too crazy...just to buff of the shine! Shellac has their own removal pads which I would recommend over what some salons do which is soak them off in acetone. Some nails treated by soaking can curl and severely dehydrate the nail. Get a good cuticle oil or cream and off you go!

  4. Thanks for the info Christina! I have super weak nails and manicures NEVER last more than a day for me.