Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't Meme Me, Bro.

Pinky McLadybits

Sometimes I worry that a photo of mine from Facebook will somehow end up a meme. That would piss me off. Here are 9 people who had photos that became memes. (Mental Floss)

You know what would probably make me feel better? This delicious ham, bacon, and cheddar strata. I am drooling right now! (Persephone Magazine)

Then perhaps I can light up a spliff with Pat Robertson. LEGALIZE IT, MON! (NY Times)

Maybe a bit of ganja would make the Star Wars prequels more bearable. Probably not. I would love to see Topher Grace's cut of all three movies into one. C'mon, Lucas! Make a deal with him! (The Mary Sue)

Aaaand now we're back to delicious, satisfying, food porn. Check out the highs and the lows of the Devoured Phoenix Culinary Classic 2012! (Chow Bella)

Okay. I'm done with food! For now. Here's a list of television tropes that people would prefer not to see anymore. And for the record I have totally inserted a bunch of nonsense into conversation to prove my husband was asleep instead of watching a movie. I've also lied to him about what just happened in the movie while he was sleeping. I make my own fun. (Vulture)

In honor if St. Patrick's Day, please learn how to draw a leprechaun. Seriously, your pitiful, dancing, green man last year? YIKES. (Andertoons)

Now that you have that mastered, ball up the mistakes and use it to wipe up your tears. I present a gorilla and her pet bunny! (Nothing To Do With Arboath)

Speaking of bunnies, here are 115 reasons that we love Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Television version, of course. (Pajiba)

Here's an infographic about the ways infographics are ruining the internet. Meta. (Splat F)

This is an infographic on how to do an Office Exorcism. Ruining the Internet, indeed! Bah! (The Awl)

These are beautiful photos of the Northern Lights over an arctic volcano. They are gorgeous. (Wired)

Less gorgeous, so much less gorgeous, are these illustrations of Princess Peach and Mario. (Geek Art)

I'm not sure how I feel about homeless people being used as Wi-Fi Spots at SXSW. On one hand, the individuals received the proceeds from the donation to use the Hotspot. On the other hand, they're people, not coffee shops or inanimate objects. What do you think? (Gawker)

Adorable grandparents discover Photobooth!

Here's the solar flare that caused the solar storm last week. So pretty!

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  1. In that tropes thing, I totally did both of those egg things in high school. A few of those are things that don't bug me cause I've lived them, but that one bothered me cause they say outright that no one does them anymore. YES WE DO. Ok, so high school was a decade ago (ugh, God, why did I just have to realize that) but still.