Monday, March 19, 2012

Aiden Turner Says Hello. And My Panties Just Melted Off.

Pinky McLadybits

Hi! I trust your hangovers are gone or on the mend and all of the green dye has been cleaned from your teeth and tongue. DELIGHTFUL!

Let us begin with a tip for keeping your drinks cold outdoors in the summertime. Hint: Metal trough + picnic table. (Lifehacker)

Pretty cool, right? Well, this is going to blow your tiny little mind. I'm still dubious as to these being pencil drawings and not photographs. I'm watching you, Paul Cadden. One picture is NSFW. (The Daily Mail)

These are truly spectacular photographs and exceedingly beautiful. These were shot directly facing the sun and show ice and sky, blue and white. (Kylefoto)

Have you heard? Apple has released a NEW iPAD! HOMG! You can't possibly be caught with the old iPad. Tacky. Here are 20 ways to recycle your outdated chunk of plastic. (Wired)

I've heard that you can watch Netflix on iPads. Okay, I know for a fact that you can. And I know that no matter how specific a genre you are looking for, Netflix has it. (The Awl)

Let's bring the whole room down now, kids. Take a look at these ways to kill your marriage (or any dating or long-term romantic relationship). Sheeeeeit, I'm doing three of those. And most people are guilty of number 5 these days. (Dumb Little Man)

To cleanse the palette, please enjoy these works of art painted on bodies.This seems to be safe for work, kids. (Chadwick & Spector)

Do you have about a grand to use on a new tent? May I suggest one that looks like a sandwich? Perhaps you'd prefer a wedge of cheese? (FieldCandy)

I remember when every other day there was some piece of food with a supposed image of Jesus or a famous person for sale on ebay. Hell, my mutant piece of popcorn was featured and someone bought it. Now we have burnt toast with Mitt Romney and Satan shaking hands. Sounds quite legit. (Gawker)

So, Jessica Simpson carries on the proud tradition of pregnant chicks posing nude on magazine covers. Kris Jenner, who is not pregnant, just had to get in on that action. By posting a photo from 1987. She's such a fame whore. (The Gloss)

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Poor wittle men get their feewings hurt when they see lists of sexy men! AW SO SAD. (Crushable)

Here's a list of celebrities saying they are without makeup. These bitches are totally wearing makeup. Some of them just maybe should have not left the house knowing they would be photographed. (Blisstree)

Ah, The Simpsons. I haven't watched any new episodes in quite a while, but they still hold a special place in my heart. As do Itchy and Scratchy. Check out this 48 minute compilation of ALL OF THE ITCHY AND SCRATCHY.

Now, marvel as ME GUSTA face is created in a cup of coffee! Me gusta de verdad.

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