Monday, February 27, 2012

This Hippie Doesn't Stink: Saje Natural Wellness African Heart Perfume Solid


Okay. Let’s just get this out in the open right from the get-go. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada. Home of Lululemon, yoga, quinoa cookies and un-ironic use of patchouli. When I say I am reviewing a product labeled as a ‘natural fragrance’ from my town let me be clear – the battlefield is littered with shredded hemp sarongs, 100-mile diet organic compostables, and a heap of ‘Vegans Do It Better’ fair-trade cotton t’s.

When I walked into Saje Natural Wellness store in Kitsilano with my Mom  (who is a fanatical devotee of this company’s sleep products – which reek of such pungent low-level harmonically pounding sub-scents that you double bag the containers and STILL whiff them from across the house and go – whoo!!!) I was hoping only to make it out of there before I passed out from the sensory assault. 

The store has your basic high-end essential oil rack, a series of skin care products, bath and body products and natural healing remedies scattered attractively througout the store. It’s actually delightful – I’ve just done too much time contemplating the Green Crystal Healing Light with my family and occasionally get a weird hipster reaction against it all.

Now to the product – I stepped over to the solid perfumes due to a complete fascination with the whole physical feel and checked out the African Heart Perfume Solid, LuLu Love Perfume Solid, and Sudanese Spirit Perfume Solid. The other versions were too depthy, or too spicy for me, but something about this African Heart absolutely captured me and pretty much generated an instant sale.

I like the scents of amber, bergamot, cedar, vanilla and sandalwood – if that helps orient you to the types of base my nose goes for.  I find the African Heart to smell quite like a warm, slightly minty, and very mildly spicy amber feel. Of course, it has none of that actually in its ingredients.

Here’s the product description from the site:
An all natural, wonderfully moisturizing perfume solid made from sustainably sourced pure Virgin Sudanese Shea Butter. In a convenient, travel friendly, easy to apply container. Luxurious and florally fragrant, with essential oils of Jasmine and Frankincense.

Ok. Sure. I just know that I am absolutely addicted to it, it’s only ten dollars for a compact purse keeper, and will literally last me for my entire life long. The scent also doesn’t last for a billion years, softening from a light but clear tone nicely into a faint aura along my pulse point after about 15 minutes, and that makes me very happy. I swear I am wearing it just for me alone.

Scent can be very arbitrary, but it’s their strongest seller and rightly so. I can recommend both this product and the general high quality of the other products I’ve purchased here. 7/8 tentacles to account for different tastes.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles


  1. I seriously am in need of some new perfumes. Too bad I live so far away from Vancouver...

  2. Hi Tamatha,

    They do sell their products online, but I imagine that buying a scent un-sensed is a bit of a gamble.