Monday, February 6, 2012

There Was Football On Last Night?


Yes, of course I watched the Super Bowl, and it was a great game indeed.  Much like your Monday Hot Links, there was action, entertainment, and David Beckham's underpants.  What's not to like?

Here's an interesting write up on how libraries and bookstores have become the new community centers.  Reading it makes me crave a Grande Non-fat, No-whip Caramel Macchiato, though I don't know for certain why.  (New Geography)

The Tea Party is dead?  Oh, let it be true.  I SO need a reason to buy new pumps, and that oughta do.  (The Daily Beast)

If there's one earworm I almost welcome, it's A-Ha's "Take On Me."  No kidding, I love that song.  And so will you, after hearing this adorable accordian version.  YES, YOU WILL.

These "whimsical" Hidden Animal teacups make my skin crawl.  That's nowhere near the relaxing feeling I'm seeking whilst I sip tea.  (My Modern Met)

This collection of fine art re-imagined with Sci-Fi themes took my breath away.  You'll see.  (

This little boy is my hero.  It's about time someone showed The Claw who's boss.  (Fark)

It turns out online dating doesn't always work out the way people hope.  Much like old-fashioned dating.  And, you know, life.  (The Washington Post)

Ooooh, just in time for Monday, here's your Google-A-Day Puzzle for February (I can't believe it's already February) 6th.  (Wired)

Here's how to make your own motion triggered bed-to-bathroom illuminated walkway....if you need that sort of thing.  (Instructables)

A study has shown that men show off mainly to impress women.  I, for one, call shenanigans.  (The Jane Dough)

Behold, fellow nerds, the future from Back to the Future II, built entirely out of Legos.  (Geekologie)

If you're anything like me, this particular Super Bowl ad grabbed your attention.  And held it.  Tightly.  So, so tight.

And this one, for the Avengers.  This one also gave me feelings.  In places.

And, speaking of Super Bowl commercials, Time Magazine gives us their votes for best and worst of this year's crop.  (Time)

Don't click on this link to a list of the 10 Biggest Snowstorms of All Time if you're even remotely superstitious.  And, if you do, and the flakes begin to fly, please accept my sincere apologies.  (HowStuffWorks)

Here's how to look like Rachel McAdams.  I'm only trying this if it comes with a guaranteed Gosling.  (Divine Caroline)

And, finally, one last video to complete the links, and possibly your entire day.  It's slightly NFSW for language, but you MUST find a way to watch.  I don't care if you have to sneak your laptop into a broom closet.  JUST DO IT.  Oh, and have a fantastic Monday.

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